NSA Wiretap Program – Unconstitutional?

Yesterday the British investigators asked for an extension through their courts under their new terrorism laws. As you will remember, British, Pakistani, and U.S. intelligence uncovered a plot by terrorists to hijack “10” American airplanes and blow them up in suicide missions. The British agencies were the ones who did the major part of the field work. One of their agents infiltrated the group. When Pakistan arrested their suspects, a call was made by one of the terrorists to their accomplices in Britain to go ahead with the mission! British wiretaps intercepted the call. They then took appropriate actions.

We would still be doing a body count now if the intelligence agencies involved had had to go through the procedures that the American courts and those Republican and Democratic critics continue to insist must be followed. The way I see it, we either fight these terrorists over there or over here.

Can the critics of the war say, “unconventional.” That’s “u-n-c-o-n-v-e-t-i-o-n-a-l” warfare. Try it. Un-con-ven-tion-al. Now that wasn’t hard at all, was it? Open your eyes Pelosi, McCain, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Carl Levine, Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton, Diane Feinstein, Russ Feingold, Hillary Clinton, Pat Leahy, and Chuck Schumer, to name a few. You people are doing everything you can to aide our enemy by refusing to support or cooperate on every initiative the Administration makes to safe guard America. Why are you continually doing all you can at every turn, to tie our president’s hands. Does party affiliation and power mean more to you than a safe America?

I think you leftist ideology has warped your ability to demonstrate common sense and good judgement. I consider you all greedy, power hungry people who will stop at nothing, absolutely nothing, to achieve your goals. Even your campaign advertisements threaten our nations well being and security. You are our enemies most faithful allies. Your actions border on treason. Of all of you, though, the ones I least understand are Senator McCain and you, Mr. Murtha. I think you have sold your principles. Shame on all of you. But, shame on McCain and Murtha more than any of you. You are hurting our troops and placing them in greater danger. Of the whole lot of you all, you two ought to be able to see what you are doing. I can only conclude both of you are not and maybe were not ever the men we all thought you were when we looked up to you as heroes!!

Put aside your own personal agendas for long enough to make our country safer. If your cohorts in the Judiciary strike down steps necessary for our defense and well being, then start legislating what the President and our Homeland Security Agency need to safe guard our nation from terrorists and other threats. Again, remember you were elected to your position. You can be voted out of office. You ought to be scrutinized for treason or aiding and abetting our enemies.

Write legislation that is not “unconstitutional” which covers this unique threat we now face. Do your jobs for a change.


~ by devildog6771 on August 24, 2006.

One Response to “NSA Wiretap Program – Unconstitutional?”

  1. you said it devil dog…we are fighting the war, over there and over here. over there it is a literal fight for our freedoms. here, we must fight those in our own coutry who would try to help the very people that are attempting to destroy us.
    Please excuse any ignorance i have on the negative standpoints of Sen John McCain
    In What areas has he faltered?

    McCain said Israel’s response to the assault by Islamic guerrillas is appropriate.
    Senator McCain tried to persuade FIFA to ban Iran from the 2006 World Cup.[54] given Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s comments that the Holocaust never happened (which is a criminal offense in Germany). But he has also backed down on other issues such as illegal immigrant laws…ect.

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