The Next “Golden Ass Award” – France

goldrn_ass France has repeatedly tried to disrupt any attempt to bring about peace in the Middle East.  At every turn, they join forces with Germany, Russia, China, and North Korea to block UN resolutions to impose consequences on non-compliant nation states in the Middle East who threaten stability in the region. France was the most outspoken over operations in Iraq along with Germany, Russia, China, and North Korea.  France refused to send any troops except as part of a UN Peace Keeping force. France was later found to be in the very middle of the “food for oil” scandal along with the UN and some of  FRance’s other “allies.”

France has refused to take a stronger stand over Iran. It refuses to support American and British efforts for sanctions or UN enforcement of UN resolutions. In the current Lebanese – Israeli conflict, France has repeatedly insisted on UN activities and action. It has repeatedly criticized Israeli efforts. Now France wants to lead that force but refuses to send over 200 troops. If France won’t do its part, then why should she have the lead role? She has done nothing to earn that honor or roll!

France contributes more to non-peaceful resolutions of conflicts than it does to peace. On closer scrutiny, you will find France heavily profiting from the conflicts in the unstable regions along with Russia. Both refuse to support any action that imposes consequences on non-compliant nations. Both France and Russia refuse to accept the consequences of their actions or in-actions toward peace.

If you look closely you will find that France is desperately trying to regain its “glory days” as a world leader. However, France is unwilling to make the responsible efforts that would bring about that recognition. As far as I can tell, all France has done is push for efforts that continue to fill her own pockets. Her efforts are always totally self absorbed at the  expense of World Peace!

If you take a look at the history of the Middle East and Africa, you will see that France has had a vested financial interest in both regions since as far back as World War I. Through secret League of Nations and UN treaties and mandates France has greatly benefited from those treaties. As a peace keeping force, France has maintained a control over nations that were once colonies of its old imperial empire. How long are the developed nations in the world going to keep kissing Francer’s behind? If France can’t be a real peace keeper, then maybe she ought to lose the special status  she has enjoyed for so long.

For France’s refusal to be a “responsible” UN member and World Nation I present her the “Golden Ass” award!


~ by devildog6771 on August 18, 2006.

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