Muslims across the world are encouraging terrorism by not accepting responsibility for controling extremist within their own faith!

ABC News International has an interesting story. Apparently many influential Muslims in Britain have published a letter in many British newspapers. The letter in effect says that failure on Blair’s part to stay out of Iraq and take an aggressive role in ending the Israeli – Hezbollah conflict are placing Britain at risk for greater terrorists activity. Three of the concerned Muslims are members of Parliament.

These Muslims are upset over the death of innocent civilians:

“We urge the prime minister … to show the world that we value the lives of civilians wherever they live and whatever their religion,” said the letter, which was signed by three of four Muslim members of Parliament and 38 Muslim groups, including the influential Muslim Council of Britain. “Such a move would make us all safer.”

Sometime back, an influential Muslim Religious figure, an Iman I believe they’re called, issued a statement that said the Muslim community in Britain condemned the acts of the terrorists. Simultaneously, a letter (supposedly the same letter) appeared in the Muslim newspapers by the same Iman. The Muslim newspaper article called for the U.S.and “all” infidels to be scattered in all four directions to the farthest corners of the world! Same letter, same Iman. Hmm!??! I am so confused!

I remember a while back an uproar because the Saudi Schools in the U.S. were teaching  a very fundamentalist type of Islam to its students. The Saudi royals talk a lot about the changes they are making there. Most Muslims who come to America retain all of their culture, especially the religious aspect. A major portion of Detroit wakes up to the prayer call. How can a Muslim terrorists from Britain, the U.S. or any other country in the world, Arab or otherwise be considered “home grown?” Their Imans and other religious leaders and their families are raising them and teaching them in a way that only the original home country is their home.

In France, England, Holland, wherever the Muslims move they continue to teach the  same ideology. If a Muslim tries to leave the faith, he will be killed by other Muslims if he is caught. This may not be true for all Muslioms but it is true for the radical fundimentalists who make sure the moderate Muslims tow the line. Don’t belive me? When a Muslim is killed, or a Muslim nation is attacked after an Islamist provocation, Muslims all over the world cry out in outrage. The outrage is never for the Islamist cowards hiding behind civilians, women, and childrern. Why?

I have been studying the Muslim faith as much as possible to see if it is really a peaceful faith. I have yet to find anything that says not to kill infidels and Christians. I have been researching elsewhere. What I do see is that by the Muslim beliefs, it is time for them to make another Muslim “Crusade” to establish a world wide Caliphat and Islamic nation.

If Muslims don’t want innocent women and children killed, then why don’t they speak out  as “one voice” across the world jn protest at those extremists in their faith who blemish it with the blood of innocent people? Why don’t they stop pretending to be blameless by their refusal to accept responsibility for “cleaning out their own house?”  If they want to be Americans, British, French citizens then why don’t they be real ciitizens?

It sounds to me like they were too scared to do their own fighting so they left in masse to let someone else do it for them.


~ by devildog6771 on August 12, 2006.

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