Have you seen this missing soldier?


Have you seen this soldier?

Sgt. Gary Jones was sent to Iraq. His deployment lasted thirteen months on the front line.  Last November, 2005, Gary returned home from Iraq. He got a job and an apartment in his hometown, Hamilton, Ohio. According to Gary’s mom, he was not the same when he returned. Though he was in an area of heavy fighting in Iraq, he never talked about the war. He developed PTSD!

On the morning of the Saturday, July 29, Gary left his apartment in his  late 1980’s maroon Chevrolet Cavalier. That was the last time anyone in Hamilton has seen Sgt. Gary Jones. The Hamilton police started investigating his disappearance. All his belongings were left behind in his apartment. This was what initially alerted his mom to the fact that there may be a problem.

After checking Gary’s credit cards and bank records, the police found that Gary had used ATM’s from Pennsylvania to Montana. The security cameras confirmed that Gary was in fact the person who used the ATM.

Due to his PTSD, the fact that he has not contacted his family, and he left with none of his belongings, there is concern that Gary might hurt himself. If anyone has seen Gary, knows where is, or is with him, please let the Hamilton authorities know. Gary’s mom is very worried. She needs to know that her son is OK! Can you help? 


“Hamilton Police are handling Jones’ disappearance as a missing persons case. If you have any information about his whereabouts, please call the police at (513) 868-5811.”



1.]“Sergeant’s Disappearance Treated As Missing Person’s Case”

2.] “Missing Marine May Be In Montana”


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5 Responses to “Have you seen this missing soldier?”

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  2. My heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with Sgt. Gary Jones,His Dear Mom,Family and friends.I hope that he will be found safe and sound and will get the help he needs.We can only imagine what all of you have seen and endured and continue to endure each day.May God continue to give you the strength to further endure.
    Please know that each and everyone of you remain in my heartfelt thoughts and prayers,Your sacrifices will never be forgotten and deeply appreciated always.
    Soldiers Angel

  3. Thank you AV. I hope he is oOK too. His poor Mom must be beside herself with worry.

  4. I put him on my blog as well as Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.

  5. I will keep an eye out. I hope he’s ok.

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