Death of the People’s Party – What happened to the Democratic Party?

For at least seven months British Intelligence, American Intelligence, and Pakistani Intelligence performed one of the most amazing feats. They conducted a vigil and investigation into a terrorists cell in the U.K. that was planning to blowup”10″ planes headed to the U.S..

They managed to do this without any MSM detecting their task and alerting the terrorists. They moved in on these terrorists this morning and arrested over “20” participants and are hot on the trail of approximately “30-50” more members of the plot. They saved an unimaginable number of human lives. They also dealt the Al-Qaeda one of the biggest blows thus far in the war on terror.

The Democratic response, this event just goes to show the failures in this administrations efforts in the war on terror or words to that effect.

Why am I not surprised. The Democrats can’t even hold onto their own party and they have the nerve to criticise Mr. Bush and the administration. Before the Democrats start again on their campaign of hate against Mr. Bush, and that is all it really is, they better start fixing their own problems first.

There is no way I would ever support a party that allowed rich people like George Soros and Jane Fonda, to name two specifically, gain complete control of the party. By creating a Shadow Party, a bunch of very rich people who share one common bond, they hate George Bush, have set up a network of 527’s. Through and other 527’s these people have effectively taken over the Democratic Party.

So why is this a big deal. Most of the major players in these 527’s are very actively involved in organizations such as ANSWER, UPJ, and Code Pink. Many actually contributed money to the terrorists. Many support North Korea. Others are staunch supporters of Chavez in Venezuela and Castro in Cuba. It’s accurate to say that on the whole these people are closely allied with our enemy. They support our enemy! They give the enemy aid. Many of these people are among the same ones who helped force the U.S.out of Vietnam.

They do not care that the terrorists have declared war on America. At the very heart of their beliefs is a basic hatred of our government.

These people make me afraid. Most Americans do not seem to realize their intentions. The MSM refuses to disclose them. The media source that comes closet to revealing them for who and what they are is the Fox News Network. Even they could do better.

I prefer to think of these people as the enemy from within. It is a shame that a party that once stood for all the values of the common man has allowed itself to be over taken by people who care nothing about the common man. These people are mostly a bunch of rich, spoiled kids who never grew up. They are still trying to gain “mommy or daddy’s eye!” Some of them are people who have sold out their own racial and ethnic peers for their own personal gain and love of power and hatred. They are predators in every sense of the word. They prey on the weaker, less advantaged in America. They promise to give them the moon.  All they bare really doing is offering them false hope. They care little about the needs of these people except as a means to empower themselves further!

Whatever happened to the real party of the common man in America. How could the Democrats let this happen? Does the goal for party supremacy mean more than right, wrong, good of the people,and good of the nation? What caused so many people and leaders to sell out their ideals for an ideology against everything we all hold dear? Were they in control so long that they couldn’t fathom the Republican party winning congressional control? Were they in control so long they forgot about the people and all they stood for/ Did they sell, out their ideals for regaining solely a position of power because in the end that power consumed them? Did they forget who elected them to office all those years?

I think so. to all of the above! The question is this, will the Democratic party realize they have begun to sleep with the devil and wake up before it is too late?  


~ by devildog6771 on August 10, 2006.

2 Responses to “Death of the People’s Party – What happened to the Democratic Party?”

  1. Well, that’a a good sign, life at the extreme end of the fringes of America. Get your head out of your a$$. Stop letting yourself be led around by the nose. Do some research on your own, instead of believing all you hear. I, by the way do that. I don’t blindly believe anything without checking it out first.

    If you were a reader of my blog, you would know I do not pay much attention to the MSM or other media types – they are bought and owned!

    We made a step in the right direction when we got rid of Clinton. We will make another if we keep Hillary out and do something about the Shadow party and that pathetic bunch in the Progressive Causus who have the Democratic Party by the short “hairs!”

    By the way what have you done for America? You could volunteer to serve to fight those who are killing our people and have been doing so for over 25 years. I did, over 30 years ago.

    Come back again when you can offer something more than a personal attack, like something with supported substance. You do know how to read and think independently don’t you?

  2. I feel so sorry for you that you still believe the mainline propoganda put out by the established media. You are being so decieved. The biggest issues that we must face as Americans is all of the terror that this and former administrations are and have heaped on other countries. I love this country and am so ashamed of the naive people who get hoodwinked into thinking that the US is the boyscout country holding up a flag of fairness. Americans should protect their country from being taken over by the corrupt, money grabbing liars that run it today. Americans should stand up for the good in this country and stop the hating.

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