Pictoral of U. S. Troops in Afghanistan

Here’s some pictures of our troops and events in Afghanistan on a positive note. You probably will never see these in the MSM. The pictures are from the CENTCOM Picture page.

 afghan29 afghan1

afghan10 afghan11

afghan12 afghan13

afghan14 afghan15

afghan16 afghan17

afghan18 afghan19

afghan2 afghan21

afghan22 afghan23

afghan24 afghan25

afghan26 afghan27

afghan20 afghan4

afghan5 afghan6

afghan7 afghan8

afghan9 fghan9

Go over to CENTCOM from the link in my left sidebar. Read the reports from both Iraq and Afghanistan. Go to the picture page and see all their pictures. Our troops all deserve a lot of credit. They deserve our thanks and full support. Their families need our help too. Those families make tremendous sacrifices. If you know a military family with a loved one deployed, ask them  if they need anything. Sometimes all they need is just to have a friend.


~ by devildog6771 on August 5, 2006.

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