Pictures of U.S. troops in Iraq

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. With that in mind, here are some positive pictures of our troops in Iraq that you probably won’t see in the MSM. There also are a few of Iraqi reactions to something our troops did for them. These pictures and more can be found at CENTCOM by going to the link on my right sidebar. Go to the website photo page.

iraq1 iraq2 iraq3

iraq4 iraq5 iraq6

iraq7 iraq8 iraq9

iraq10 iraq11 iraq12

iraq13 iraq14 iraq15

iraq16 iraq17 iraq18

iraq19 iraq20 iraq21

iraq22 iraq23 iraq24

iraq25 iraq26

iraq27 iraq28


~ by devildog6771 on August 3, 2006.

20 Responses to “Pictures of U.S. troops in Iraq”

  1. if we do not at least back our troops do not even sayanything.becaus e wether we want them home which we want all home alive and well.dont you think that runs through there minds all the time?you just have to stand behind everyone of woman.and dont look at the negative.i want to lrt them know we care and me and my family backs em all the way through and back home again. i like to think our eagle flys high and strong.soldiers stay strong you have alot of people like me your 6 and kick ass all the way not let the negative bring you from your flite home soon i said we care.god be with you all.the weak and evil will fall in front of you.kick ass come home oh save me some shells a little humor.take care fly high dont think on the ones who dont back you.take care.eagle always kills the snake.god bless.the viking.

  2. Great pics. Great sidebar, too.

  3. You guys are doing a terrific job everyday! We love you in Chattanooa, Tn. I have no family over there but my heart and prayers go out to you and your families. Be safe guys and gals we honor you! Love you all!

  4. When i look at these photos the troops look happy at the work they are involved in, they are trying to make a better place for these people, but what dose not show is the personal scarifice that each and everyone of them has made just by being their. cause if ever you wanted anyone to belive in you or mankind they do, as without this faith they have in us they cannot funtion as a fully trained solider, their scarifice should never be taken for granted as they would never let you down, i just wish i could thank all and everyone of them. god bless you all

  5. God Bless our Beloved Troops!!!! I Salute you all.

  6. Russia. Russkiye ne sdayutsa!!!

  7. it’s good to see that life is nothing like the movies and positive things can come from war keep up the good work boys can’t wait tell you guys get home!

  8. I didn’t see the story about the little kid. What happened?

  9. Thanks it’s good to see a positive rather than the daily negative on the news, what about the six year old saving our soldiers live (AWSOME) that litlle guy should be given American citizenship! God Bless our Troups

  10. Yes they are. They bring tears to my eyes sometimes, there is so much love on the faces of our troops for the children. Not the images of a conqueror are they?

  11. Beautiful! God Bless them all!

  12. Brian, your point does hit home. But, if anyone asked any of them about it, I bet you and most of us would be surprised how much more they would like our full support right now. Paychecks are an issue. They don’t make that much. But morale is everything. Lack of support from your country that you are fighting for like we have been seeing at home is not a morale booster.

    That’s why , I am happy and proud to say I was one of about thirty-thousand veterans who protected the Wall and other monuments to our war dead from being spray painted during ANSWER’S March 17, 2007 March on the Pentagon. Not only did we protect them but we stood 3 for every one of them. We used word of mouth, ANSWER has worked on this at an organized level for a long time. As much as they and the media tried to play down the numbers, surprisingly even FOX, cameras and videos were abounding and a picture is worth a thousand words.

  13. Im so glad that our troops are fighting for us over there those guys should be makin the money that football,basketball, and NASCAR Drivers do. They put there lives on the line and they get squat.If a basketball player gets injured hes out of the game for awhile but he still gets paid millions,our soldiers out on the front lines gets injured it could be his life.Its not fair. They deserve so much more than they recieve.

  14. Thank you Jamie. I know I sure love America too. It’s the greatest nation in the world, worts and all!

  15. I LOVE THE U.S

  16. Thank you Heather Flagg. I sure hope our nation does not forget their faces. We must always remember what we have lost in the defense of freedom and our nation so we will not take the cost for granted and forget they were someone’s loved ones!

  17. This website has left me shaking, trembling with happiness, and the knowledge that we may not see these so happy faces again. I am so glad that there are people like you/you guys, that take the time to show people these kinds of rememberances, someday these photos of our troops with be memorials for…The War Of Iraq

  18. Yankeemom and James, thank you both, James, you are so right!

  19. It has been said that a picture is wirth a thousand words.

    It’s also been said that a picture is worth a thousand words too.

    Good blog you’ve got here.

  20. Those are great photos! I check into CentCom often because I’m tired of just seeing blown up cars on the news.

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