Misguided Intentions Can Backfire!

I was watching Fox News  and a trailer on the bottom of the screen said that some Afghan clerics want the government to expel 500 South Koreans  because they are Christians. Now at first glance that might seem to be something we Christians ought to be upset about. But wait, don’t get angry yet!

The clerics aren’t upset because of the Koreans’ Christianity. They are upset because the Koreans are trying to “convert” the locals to Christianity. As a Christian myself, I can say that I am not surprised. Many Christians think that they ought to go to other countries that are in crisis or less developed and besides needed aide and medical services, they do often teach our Christian doctrine whether or not the locals want us to do so.

I think those Afghan clerics are right to be upset if those South Korean Christians are trying to convert the locals. If the Christians feel that the Afghan Muslims they are working with are of the extreme Muslim sects, then isn’t it better to lead by example and let the Afghan government legislate individual rights?


~ by devildog6771 on August 2, 2006.

2 Responses to “Misguided Intentions Can Backfire!”

  1. Thank you Daniel.

  2. I agree, we should lead by example. Most of us believe that we know the best.

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