We each do our part. This is mine!

I was over at “Winds of Change” today. I was reading a post:

“What Color Is The Sky On McKinney’s Planet?” by Armed Liberal.

His post was about McKinney, in Georgia, and her apparent fabrication of facts over her legislative abilities. I tried to post a comment using this site URL and then my old blogspot URL. Each time I got rejected for the following comment as spam:

“We all have our crosses to bear. The Dems have Dean. We have McKinney!”

I have been to this site in the past and don’t recall getting blocked. But lately every time I go there I get the same thing. So I want to know, is spam such a problem that non-spammers get blocked too? Or, have bloggers become overly sensitive to disagreement or dissent?

If I get two comments on a post I consider myself very fortunate. If I get a dissenter, I consider it a challenge. I begin more research. If I am wrong, I’ll post it. If it is a difference of opinion, well, that’s OK too if there is no deliberate attempt to insult. I try to answer those posts as a new post; but, I am easily distracted by current news events.

But, back to my point, I have run into this on many blogs lately. Another thing I notice is that many, myself included seem to have focused in on a few specific areas. As 9/11 faded into the background I began to see many of the same dissenters from the Vietnam war enter the fray. There are many ways I would like to help our troops but find that due to my PTSD or finances I often can’t do those things.

But I can be a beacon of sorts on the home front to help insure our troops don’t fight and die for nothing. I can do this by not being silent about the movement in our political arena and our country that is trying to do the same thing it did in the 60’s. The more dissent, mayhem, and propaganda they could stir up, the better. Today they are doing the same thing, but using different tactics!

The 60’s were a time of some of the greatest social changes in the history of America. These changes affected race, gender, politics, family structure, sexual identity, the work place, religion, and education. Few, if any, aspects of our American life were untouched by that time! As with any time of great social change and/or upheaval, there are always those extremist who feel threatened by the changes.

They felt their identity was threatened. Others don’t feel the changes are being made fast enough. While still others see these times as a means to stir up dissent. They don’t really care about the common good. They want a world that is pigeon holed into a very narrow definition of just about everything. There is no room for growth or change. Self identity is no longer desirable. They want a collective society of automatons. Then there is the majority who are affected by the changes.They too feel some loss of identity at first. They feel the anger, the slowness of progress and change. But, they realize change must take its course. At times it requires a boost. But ultimately the change will take place.

Those core values we hold so dear in the Bill of Rights, Our Constitution, both would no longer hold a place in our society if we allowed these extremists to succeed. What really amazes me in their goals is these same goals have fueled many a social and political revolution. The results were poverty, economic failure, loss of personal liberty and rights, imprisonment for dissent, and out right failure. There is no room for free speech. An autocrat or dictator moves to the top of the governmental ladder.

The people in those societies become unable to think independently. It seems that the longer they live under this “Utopian” society, the less they have hope for change or personal drive. Those who do dare to do so are quickly “disappeared!” I think that is why Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah and other radical groups come into play, or at least one of the reasons. They give food, clothing, medical care, and other social services and needs to the hopeless. The terrorists prey on their hopelessness and despair. You see, these people are too afraid to have hope, to accept progress, or change. They are used to nothing. If they start to value those ideals and things, if they get a taste, it could be taken away again! That loss of hope becomes like the last straw. It is more than they can conceive of after years of nothing. The loss is far greater for them. 

Then, there is always the corruption that springs up for some. Some people get that first taste of freedom and  a sense of “power.” They never had that empowerment before. They will not give it up willingly and they crave more and more. They become predators themselves, feeding on their new found power! These people must be quickly reigned in or the newly developed fledgling government of new found freedoms is doomed to possible failure or development of growing factions of power.

We see this in Iraq. We see this in Afghanistan.  We see these patterns everywhere people are brought up from poverty or overly restrictive societies too fast without support and a guiding hand from developed democratic societies. That is why it is so important to quickly get a governmental structure in place that is closely monitored until it is strong enough to assert its authority and unite its people. Time is needed for a true sense of nationalism to develop. However, developed nations, even democratic ones, can forget about that time of adjustment, especially if they did not experience it themselves first hand at the same level of abject poverty and human misery.

Many people think President Bush is wrong in his  efforts and goals in the Middle East. But he isn’t. Granted, there have been mistakes. We are, after all, dealing with people. As much as there is a predictability in people there is also an inherent ability in people to be non-predictable because people are by nature, individuals! The majority of people in both Iraq and Afghanistan appear to be moving toward this sense of national identity. However, until the government is strong enough to handle those corrupting the process and develop a successful infrastructure and economic base, the people will take advantage of the quick profits of the drug trade or the free services of the terrorists.

So we are full circle now. As ouir nation and the other coalition forces work toward helping the democratic process develop elsewhere to help provide world peace and stability, here at home,there are those who want to take us slowly and stealthily down the road to where those nations we help are trying to leave.

Life is anything if not truly ironic! It just goes to show, we must, as citizens of the world always be on guard. Allow those who dissent their right of free speech. Let them speak out often and loudly. For their voices remind us where we have been or where we may yet go if we do not guard, value, and remain a part of the process we so value!   


~ by devildog6771 on August 1, 2006.

4 Responses to “We each do our part. This is mine!”

  1. Ha! Ha! Ha! The same thing happened to me several times. When I read the invite, my mind went into the twilight zone, lol.

    You have an open invitation any time. If something hits you and you want to post it, let me know and I’ll post it for you. You get all the credit. NO strings, lol! No editing.

  2. devildog6771,
    That is very nice and kind of you. I would be honored to post on your blog . . . the trouble is, what would I write about. LOL Give me a forum and I have nothing to say. lol
    I may take you up on your offer at another time. (ie Raincheck?). That will give me time to actually think about what I want to say.
    (I need a Muse about now).

  3. Pothus, you can get on your soap box on my blog any time you want. Thank you for your kind remarks. I have a request if you’re up to the challenge, [hee! hee!]??

    Why don’t you write anout something and I’ll post it for you in entirety as a guest blogger. I will not edit. I will put you down as the author. Pick any topic you want.

    You don’t have to agree with me. Pick something “you” want to write about. If you don’t have time or just don’t really want to, hey, that’s ok.

  4. devildog6771, Yet again, another wll thought, rational and worded post. I’ve always wondered why the Liberal/Leftist/Elitist are always searching for their “Utopia” and why they are the ones who profess that Government should take care of everyone, all the time. Of course, by “Government”, they are actually saying the American Tax Payers, which is usually if not always the Middle Class. Its funny at how they have all these great ideas on how to “Take care of” everyone, but when it comes time to pay up, they are no where to be seen. They came up with the idea, but expect middle America to pay for their “Utopia”. Average Joe Citizen just wants to have a good job, take care of his family and have that vacation to Disney World. The Liberal/Leftist/Elite can’t abide by allowing Average Joe know what is right for how he lives, works, or takes care of his family. They know better and try to tell Average Joe whats wrong with his life, because you know, if Average Joe were able to do all these things, then what about the poor, the homeless, and every other poor schmoe has a right to those dreams as well and Average Joe has to pay for them as well.
    (sorry, got on my Soap box, there).
    Great post as always.

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