172nd Stryker Brigade redeployed to Baghdad – Yahoo says so!

If you follow the milbloggers, then you can’t help but know Buck Sgt. His blog, American Citizen Soldier, is one of the best out there. Buck Sgt. and the rest of the 172nd Stryker Brigade just ended their tour in Iraq. Most of the guys had already shipped a lot of their stuff home. They were waiting in Kuwait for the big bird home. Then he and the rest of his brigade found out they were being extended and redeployed to Baghdad.

Here’s the kicker. He and the rest of his brigade didn’t find out from the proper channels. They found out from Yahoo. Now tell me that doesn’t suck?? Go over to his blog at “American Citizen Soldier.” Offer him your support.


~ by devildog6771 on July 31, 2006.

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  2. Dear Glove,
    I too think that what happened stinks. But, if a unit had to be sent to Baghdad, then yours certainly was the best choice.

    I am so sorry for all your losses. I am so sorry that your families had their hopes built up and then dashed. Most of all I am so very sorry that all you men and women had to be sent so far from home to fight in this war.

    But, know this. What you guys are doing there is making a difference. Now if you read the MSM you would never know that. But it’s true.

    The terrorists are getting up pushes all over the place. Not just in Iraq. But if you notice the conflict in Israel and Lebanon right now, the surrounding Arab nations are doing a lot of talking but not a lot of action. They know that what you guys have done in Iraq and Afghanistan has begun to affect public opinion throughout the Arab world.

    Granted the various terrorists groups have stepped up everywhere but they are fighting for their life right now. What is sad is the lack of involvement of the U.N. and countries throughout Europe. Europe has been swamped with terrorist cells all over. If they don’t get off their collective a$$e$ soon, then they will be doing all over again what they did at the beginning of WWII.

    I am particularily disgusted by France and Germany. The Germans ought to recognize the signs of fanaticism. France ought to remember what happened when the Nazis invaded France. The Rusians want to be a super power again. They are broke. Selling arms and support materials to our enemies is quite lucrative for them. But France is making quite a bit of money off the war too!

    Back to Iraq and you guys. Iran is behind the Israel – Hezbollah conflioct right now. They want to divert attention from their nuclear efforts. They also want to divert attention from Iraq and Afghanistan so they can step up everything and try to cause civil war.

    Baghdad has become their make or break point. In Afghanistan, they are trying to do the same thing. I think they want to create a situation in Iraq like they have in Lebanon. They want to create a terrorist group like Hezbollah that can get enough people elected to thwart a Democratic government as they did in Lebanon.

    The PM of Afghanistan has just asked for more U.N. help and outside aide from the International community to stop the flow of weapons and manpower into his country.

    In Israel and Lebanon, the Hezbollah photographers are doctoring pictures to make it look bad for Israel. They are also trying to draw sympathy for themselves.

    But unfortunately, Baghdad has become a symbolic make or break battle. The fighting will be bad. I am sorry to say that. But, it will. They do not want you guys to succeed. But what they don’t know is you guys are the toughest “MF’s” around and they don’t stand a chance.

    I will pray every day for you guys. Don’t let your spirits drop. The enemy wants that. Any of you guys who needs or wants to bitch can do it here all you want or by email. I am a big girl and I can take it. I would consider it an honor. Is there anything you need that would help make things better right now for you guys?

    My nephew died in Kuwait before I even had a chance to write him a letter. It made me feel like he died alone because most of us never got a chance to support him. I guess that sounds silly. But two things seem prevelant back home to real supporters, a sense of helplessness as to how to help you guys and a sense of fear because if you fail they will come here again. But there is also a sense of fear that you guys only hear the non supporters here and lose your edge. The support is here,believe me.

    So you tell me, what can we all do to help? I promise to do what I can to help you guys so your spiirit stays up and hopefully you can all come home safely! God bless you all. Thank you for taking time to post here. I feel honored.


  3. I am a soldier in the 172nd SBCT. They way we found out about the extension was so wrong. I personally got the news from CNN versus getting the info from my command. We have already suffered losses during our year here and thought that the killing would be over. Now we must face the hardest and dangerous area in Iraq. Hopefully all of us will come back alive. I’m sure the present administration don’t care but I do. Thanks a lot “RUMMY”

    SGT “I wanna go home”

  4. Ms. Buck Sgt., thank you for posting. I couldn’t believe his unit got redop;oyed loke that. Unfortunately, let’s face face it, those guys are awesome. I will pray every day for the safe return of all of them. I am so sorry that you and the families of the who unit ahd your hopes built up for nothing. I know from first hand just how hard and disappointing this is. God bless you all because you “all serve” too! You are the unsung heroes of war.

  5. Buck Sgt. – My son is in the 172nd. Thank you for your posting and your explanation of what is going on over there. This has been really frustrating. Please Stay Safe. Lanie

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