Israel and Lebanon – A sympton of bigger issues


This is a “map of the Middle East”. Egypt and Iran somehow managed to be independent nations for most of their history. Iraq, Syria, Jordan, and Palestine to name a few were taken from the old Turkish Ottoman Empire and made protectorates under England and France after World War I. Though they were supposed to become independent for their support of Europe after World War I and the Allies after World War II, some were not granted independence after WW I and supported the Axis powers in WW II. As a result, independence didn’t come until the sixties. Then boundariess were established without regard for religion, clan, or culture. That and the establishment of Israel bred constant conflict.



In 1917 the British and French had mandates in the region. See the maps above. The “Balfour Declaration” stated Britain’s support for the creation of a Jewish national home in Palestine. However the first mandate was never really very clear in intent. Later the second mandates, Transjordan is shown in the map on the right was set up by the League of Nations and Britain giving one more mandate to Britain. Though intended to provide a homeland for the Jews both considered the mandates primarily as imperial objects. No consideration was given to the indigenous Arabs or the Jews hopeful at last for a homeland. These mandates were also considered as possible tools to draw America into helping their side during the war. Personally, from what I have read, I don’t think there was really any intent to allow the Jews to independently control their own nation. Both sides, Jews and Arabs were dissatisfied with the whole plan. The Arabs were especially upset because no consideration was given to the Arab population. From what I read on this, it appeared the British felt the Jews and Arabs would possibly support the plan but I can’t see how anyone could have been so naive.




These maps are, first the result of a UN General Assembly adopted plan on Nov. 29, 1947 as “UN Resolution GA 181”. Notice Jerusalem is surrounded. Second, “The borders of Israel were established along the “green line” of the armistice agreements of 1949, “UN GA Resolution 194” and “Security Council Resolution 62”. Notice the indention of a “corrider” to Jerusalem.  Lastly, after June 5, 1967 – June 10, 1967 Six Day War, “UN Resolution 242,” which Israel began before being attacked by armies of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon primarily led by Egypt. Look at Jerusalem in the first map. It was supposed to be an international area. Had it been set up as Rome is, completely independent it might have stood a chance since it is the birthplace of Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

From the very beginning there was an Arab outcry going back to 1917. Nor were the three subsequent UN resolutions accepted by the Arab Nations, the Palestinians or the Jews. Neither side adhered to the treaties or resolutions. The Arabs never accepted or signed the treaties after 1917.

 The politics of Britain, France,Germany and Russia played a big role in these treaties and resolutions. Later the United States was involved. In the beginning, only President Truman supported an Independent Israel and recognized Israel. His decision was not accepted in America by many. The Jews were being persecuted and used all over Europe for political fodder as were the Arab states in both World War I and II by the Europeans on both sides of the wars.

With the deaths of so many Jews at the hand of the Nazis, the Jews took things into their own hands when England failed to honor their agreement for a Jewish State or homeland. This was after many also died in tragic boat sinkings when they ere refused to land in ports and disembark. A Jewish underground was established to help the Jews enter the region. Eventually they defied the quotas that were established on immigration each year. And of course they next just took their own initiative.

Since 1917, the League of Nations after World War I, then the United Nations after World War II, England and France, have played the biggest role in the conflicts in the Middle East. Later Russia and the United States during the Cold War along with those nations and world politics have kept the peace in the middle anything but an abstract concept.

There is in my opinion little doubt why the Arab nations don’t trust any of the “Big Four, much less the United nations.” These nations have been pawns for natural resources, political advantage, and economic advantage. Secret treaties and hidden agendas keep UN resolutions from being enforced.

Frankly, I think it’s time the United Nation stopped doing half way measures by cow towing to political influence from some member states and start to act responsibly for the good of all nation states. It is time for France to get off its high horse and stop pretending it had no role in this problem. The same goes for Germany. It’s time for England to continue to play a role here for the mess it helped create with France and the UN with their secret treaties. It is time the United States continue to be involved for the long haul without being swept into a role as the primary peace keeper thereby allowing England, France and the United Nations to be removed from their responsibilities.

The only way to resolve the problems in the Middle East is to follow through with the actions in Iraq and Afghanistan. The only way to resolve the Israel and Palestinian conflict is enforce the 1949 agreement. Both Israel and Palestine must comply. Lebanon must remain a Democracy but they must disband Hezbollah. A terrorist organization cannot run a government. If the United Nations did its job as a group of “united nations” instead of an organization composed of several special interests groups of nations, many conflicts could be ended.

It would take time, work, and determination. It will take stronger leadership than what we now have at the United Nations. It will also mean that the next leader at the United Nations not have special interests of his/her own. That new leader ought to be experienced with Democratic principles. That leader will have to be strong enough to consider world peace more important than special interest of his/her home country. That leader will have to be strong enough to stand up to England, France, Germany, United States, and the evolving powers in other countries that are now trying to make their way up the world political ladder. He/she will also have to be able to deal with Russia’s attempt to re-establish its super power status.

There can be no more sending in-UN troops to do nothing but occupy space. The UN troops must be trained and able to handle whatever situation arises. But, none of this is any good if there isn’t more done to do away with potential terrorists breeding grounds. If the worlds developed nations would support the UN as they should, Hezbollah and the Al-Qaeda would not win over poor nations with food, hospitals, and social services. The UN would have already been doing that while helping that country become educated and governmentaly independent and democratic. 

It is not enough to ask for a cease fire in Lebanon and Israel. That only allows time for both sides to resupply their army. The UN needs to have real peace keeping forces in the region that can do what must be done as the need arises to bring about a peaceful resolution. Kofi Annon needs to go. A new Secretary General needs to be appointed to immediately take over when Annon is gone, not several weeks or months later. If the United Nations can’t be salvaged or do its job, then we need an organization that can.  

These conflicts have been on going since 1917. Ironically, President Bush seems to be pre ordained to shoulder the blame for ovber 50 years of failure by the UN, England, France and the US predecessors! President Biush is the only president since Harry Truman to try to put a real end to the problems in the region. Isn’t it ironic that the party with the greatest failure record, the UN, is voicing the most complaints and the least amount of real effort to provide real solutions to the problems in the region?


I find it deeply disturbing that the UN and nations across the world are more or less supporting Hezbollah and condemning Israel. I agree that civilian life ought to be a primary concern to both sides. However, why is the Prime Minister knuckling under to Hezbollah? Maybe he should ask himself why there are still people in that area! In the area of the heaviest bombing, where Hezbollah fighters are bombing Israel. Why hasn’t he moved them out of harms way?

What about the Israeli who have lived in bomb shelters for the past month? The Israeli cannot go about their life business as usual. How many innocent dead have they incurred? Look at the top map. Israel can’t afford to show every battle scar on TV. It can’t afford to risk showing much of anything publicly because it is surrounded by nations that are just waiting for an opportunity to destroy Israel once and for all. Syria and Iran have already signed a treaty or verbally agreed upon a treaty that if Israel goes into either nation the other will come to their aide. Ironicly all that really does is increase the chance of Iran succeeding in destroying Israel. They have an in roads to Israel now that they lacked beforte. 

It looked great on TV the other day to see Hezbollah giving out food and medical treatment. Real humanitarian. However if you consider that they needed the food and medical service because Hezbollah was too cowardly to take their weaponry outside populated areas. They have been waiting for a bomb to hit innocent civilians and children. They know how easy it is to manipulate world public opinion. Notice their use of the media at every opportunity?

Millions can died in Rwanda. But once a picture hit the front page then the smug world public has its sensibilities shattered. They are outraged. The UN is outraged.Well, I am outraged. Where was the UN before the maccacres. The war between Israel and Lebanon has gone on for a month. Over 100-200 missiles a day hit Israel. I’ll be the first to agree Israel can be unreasonable at times too! Wouldn’t you in their shoes? From 1917 to 1949 Israel was promised an independent nation. From 1917 to 1960 the Arab nations waited for their independence.

Israel had to take their nation. Israel had to declare their own Independence. Israel had and has no reason to trust the UN or any other nation. The Arab nations might have been more cooperative had they not been used or lied to since 1917. Had both sides in the war not been more greedy for their resources and strategic importantance.They had already been lied to when the Belfour Declartation became puiblic. While some representatives of Britain supported the Arabs others kept making promises to the Jews. By 1948 and 1949 both the Jews and the Arabs were primed for fighting each other or anyone else for that matter.

Maybe it is time for the Nations involved and the UN to publiclly apologize for what they did to both peoples. Maybe it is time for them to form a coalition between the UN, the involved nations from the past, the Jews, and the Arabs that will sit down and make a conscious effort and resolve this issue once and for all. The outrage ought not be directed entirely at Israel or the Arabs. The real outrage ought to be directed at the UN, Britain, France, Germany, the US, and the other former members of the League of Nations who allowed these criminal deceptions to go unchallended for all these years.

A formal apology from representatives of all parties including the UN is a good place to start. We have had three World Wars because of unfinished business and the greed of more developed nations. Because those nations capable of being guiding lights left everything half done for their own personal gain. Because none of them were willing to accept responsibility or accountability for their actions or inactions.

We have young men and women dying in Iraq and Afghanistan who are trying to correct two of those injustices. They are trying to do it right. They do this as they see a media at home and part of their nation try to prevent their actions. They do this as they see the rest of those nations who had a hand in the creation of those conflicts continue to do little except Britain. They do so as the UN again acts af if impotency ought to be a goal for life instead being the responsible leader it ought to be. While the deaths of those civilians in Lebanon is indeed sad and ought to have been preventable, place the blame where it ought to lay.How many more of the worlds young men and women must die in half hearted attempts to fix the real problems in the region?    

[Go to mideast for more information on the region. Their information is as accurate and concise as any on the web I have researched. I do think they are better organized than a lot of sources.]


~ by devildog6771 on July 30, 2006.

5 Responses to “Israel and Lebanon – A sympton of bigger issues”

  1. Thank you Neil. Remember, I wrote a very rough brush over of high points. I tried to be as accurate and fair as I could. But I put my sources so people can go look for themselves.

    I too was driven by a big question mark after 9/11. I wanted to know why something like this could happen. There are always consequences for every action and inaction. I think President Bush is finally trying to do what should have been done over 50 years ago.

    Thank you Neil for stopping by. Please come again.

  2. I came here to find out why they are always at war and now I know. Thank you for the information.

  3. Mikeinmanila, sorry I forgot to thank you for telling about the situation over in Lebanon. I have no sympathy for Hezbollah. I have a great deal of empathy for the civilians.

    Again, I blame the UN for this. For over twenty years they have been there. What the heck did they do, bird watch?

  4. Thank you, mikeinmanila. I have always loved history. I have been studying the region since 9/11 trying to understand the degree of animosity toward us, especially, and western cultures. I was trying to give a fair accounting.

    I took a look at your site. It is nice.

  5. This is a Very informmative post I commend you on your research- I sent this to buddy of mine- he’s just popped into Beruit- they went into south lebanon to do story and are back in the Christian side of the area now- He and my former cameraman are now based in the northern (east or west beruit? not sure really in local terms) safe side of the old ‘green line’ Beruit and say it’s ‘life as normal as things can be with the attacks to south and the loss of the airport.’
    Aside from occasional blackouts they bars, bistro’s, and nightlife is stragely normal.
    But the general fear is other groups might do a Iraq with IED’s and terror attacks there targeting a large number of Foreigners and Christians still in the area to create more problems.
    Sad though Lebanon was ‘back on its feet’ but so concentraited on business many do admit government there left Hizbollah to its own ends in the South- there is a lot of Sympathy though for them. (speaking here in general terms – I don’t have an opinion really one way or another -also I may have to hop in myself)
    But my buddy’s concern he works for an Asian network – is not limited to Lebanon.
    There is a general fear across the globe that many groups are using all the stuff out there to recruit new members to thier cause.
    Anyhow again- very well put together post.

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