Regarding the Post article on US troop morale

Editor and Publisher has written a story, “Troop Morale in Iraq. It Sucks,” based on a Washington Post front page story on the morale of our troops in Iraq.The Post reporter spent 4 days in Baghdad with troops of the Army’s 2nd Battalion, 6th Infantry Regiment, 1st Armored Division. The Post reporter quoted “5” soldiers who indicated that they were frustrated with the situation in Baghdad. They were frustrated with an enemy that would not fight one on one. They compared the situation with the drug war we fight in America in that as soon as they get rid of or kill one enemy another takes their place.

Fox News also covered the story. Fox said the reporter who covered the story was new and inexperienced. Fox brought up a point that was my concern too. Fox felt the reporter did not give a balanced report. That he only used a sample of troops in Baghdad, one of the worst areas of fighting in Iraq.  He did not interview any of the other 100,000 plus troops in Iraq. In doing so the reporter’s story does not reflect the over all morale of our troops!  I agree.

I believe that had the Post reporter wanted to do a fair story he would have interviewed troops across Iraq.  He also could have done another take by using the interviews he took as a validation or justification for the military’s decision to add more troops in Baghdad.

The over all troop morale in Iraq is excellent. That is not to say that they never complain. As a USMC veteran of four years service, I can attest to the fact that complaining is as much a part of the culture as all those other qualities of God, country,  duty, and honor!  But, you can bet your sweet a$$ that if anyone else tried to “dis” the Corp, they would have been quickly met by a united  bunch of Marines daring one more negative word to be spoken! 

During Vietnam my sister and I were in the Corps and my three brothers were in the Army at Fort Bragg, one an MP and two in the 82nd.  It was a common event at our household for one of us to start  “dissing” the the other’s military branch. My mom used to tell us we drove her nuts. Thirty years later, we still do the same thing. Of course I know the Corps is the best!

Back to the interviews. When I read the interviews, I could see the guys making the comments they made. I don’t necessarily get the same interpetation out of all five. But even so, there were 760 other troops in that unit. It seems to me that no effort was made to print anything but comments that were negative in nature. Were the other 760 troops mute? Or, did they simply not voice discontent? By my calculation 5 troops out of 765 is equivilant to 0.006535 percent. That means out of 765 troops, less than 1% are being considered representative of the entire unit.

I couldn’t pull up the Post article. I’m not registered with them. If anyone actually read the post article, I would appreciate your input.


~ by devildog6771 on July 28, 2006.

4 Responses to “Regarding the Post article on US troop morale”

  1. They are essential ingredients in a rich, healthy society. ,

  2. This is a smaller effect than what we found in the cross’national specifications, but it is still noteworthy. ,

  3. It was incredibly irresponsable reporting.

  4. devildog6771, I saw something similiar today on Fox as well, and from what I saw, it was your typical LameStreamMedia’s attempt to say the war is lost/we hate Bush/kumbuya bs. Some DemPundits were spouting this as fact as well, but from the MilBlogs I’ve read concerning this, they blast this reporters “biased” report. Moral is High and they are in it for the long haul, since they are there and know what’s at stake.

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