Tanker Brothers’ Rolling Victory Fast 2006!

By now I am sure that everyone knows that “Get along Cindy” and her cronies are at it again. They are fasting out at Crawford to protest the War and Mr. Bush’s failure to tell her why Eddie died. You can go to her site from the right side bar and look into the specifics.

She recently went to Venezuela. She thought old Hugo was a highly intelligent individual. Her opinions of George Bush don’t bear repeating. Soo.., why didn’t she ask Hugo all her questions? Better yet, why doesn’t she go back to Venezuela, take her cronies with her, and camp out there all summer? While she is there, she can ask “Daddy Hugo” all her questions. She can sit on his lap and she can ask him about things as they  pop-up come to mind.

Anyway, back on track, “Tanker Brothers” have a plan. They came up with the idea for “Tanker Brothers’ Rolling Victory Fast 2006!” People sign up for a day of fast. {Don’t despair! There are some allow-ables!] One of the comments suggested we stretch it out past 9/12/06. [9/11/06 is a day of remembering]. The idea was to  make our fast last for a tour of deployment which is averaging out to “365” days.

Sign-ups are going pretty well. The days are filled up past 9/12/06. What a lot of people are doing is fasting on the day a loved one died. Others are selecting those same days as a show of support. I just know that we can do this if we really want to do so. This isn’t about politics or anything like that. It is strictly for honoring our troops whether fallen, deployed, or veterans. Come on guys. Will you all help?

Oh, just a tidbit of information. On Cindy’s site, she mentioned in an article that she may be nominated for the “Nobel Peace Prize!”  Had I known all you had to do was act like a fool, blame the world for your problems, and generally be a pain in the a$$. Wow, had I known this I would have put my name in on the sly. When I was younger, early twenties young, I was a hellion. I did a lot of camping.I was rowdy. I called the Colonel names.     [The old  bitch. She was ugly, she was one of those things women in the military are frequently called by us early twenty year old “know-it-alls!]  For my fait a la resistance [sp] , I got drunk, sopping drunk. Instead of acting out my violence on another person when some other drunk insulted me, I broke out every store window in downtown *..* on the way back to the barracks. You know those damn windows broke a lot easier than I expected they would. I even got decorated for my diligence. I got 7 or 8 stitches in my right hand in my  4 cuts. I was even given a trophy – a piece of glass about the size of a dime was removed from wrist!

So, here I am Nobel Selection Committee. I mean, sure I broke the windows. But, I avoided a physical altercation with my fellow man. In the true spirit of the U.N. I compromised. Peace at all cotst. Yup. That’s what I did. Hhmm..! Maybe I should have gone ahead and kneed the jerk in the “nads.”  It would have been less self destructive. He never would have harassed me again. As it was I looked like a nut case. He could have given a shit crap! NEXT TIME I SAW HIM, HE DID THE SAME DAMN THING. Go figure! One thing I learned. A bully is always a bully until you stand up to him/her!


~ by devildog6771 on July 22, 2006.

2 Responses to “Tanker Brothers’ Rolling Victory Fast 2006!”

  1. Thank you Master Gunner. I think I may just get one of those shirts. I get paid monthly. Next week is the big day. Yaeh!!

  2. Thanks for your support, and helping us get the word out about the Rolling Victory Fast!

    Melinda from Soldiers Angels has even come up with some snazzy tee shirts for $10 (Shipping included) with all the proceeds going to Soldiersangels.org

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