Finally the media and public address openly that ANSWER is organizing the protests that are permeating American cities

With all the hoopla going on back home at times I find my frustration has carried me away from my original goal of supporting the troops. That was my sole purpose for this blog. But as the Democrats tried to use the war for political purposes I became angry. Then I began to see who was really behind most of the posturing. ANSWER and the rest of their ilk have kept the Democratic Party and the nation in a state of constant turmoil. They have managed to do just what they planned to do after their failure in the sixties to rise to political influence after stopping our war efforts in Vietnam. They did this by changing names and terms that effectively hid who they really were. They became professors, doctors, lawyers, politicians, and teachers, all positions offering  access to shape peoples minds with subtle influence. They took advantage of and used the right  of dissent of Americans who honestly in their hearts are against the war and other issues in America and fueled those voices and dissent solely for their own political agendas. As I watched their work unfold I began to feel a bitter taste of fear and anger.

Not again! Not while I could speak out. Never again would I let my ignorance and silence become a partner through through complacency as an enemy within our borders tried to destroy all that we stand for. I could not understand why no one else was speaking out about these people. Then I started to watch FXNS. I found a ray of light in a world that seem blinded to what was transpiring in America. FXNS gave more on the war effort. They spoke out on the lack of media support. They challenged those opponents as they did the proponents to give a fairly balanced picture of the war and events at home. But, more and more they questioned and allowed speakers to question who is behind the marches and rallies in America. Their attempts at more balanced journalism has allowed others to speak out, both for and against the war and other political issues across the nation. But the highlight of my quest for exposure of this cancer trying to stop our war effort and spread dissent in America came this morning.

The issue of the illegal immigrant protests in California and across America came up. A speaker from an Hispanic group representing “legal” Hispanics challenged an Hispanic speaker behind the illegal immigrants protesting. The man kept saying his group of protestors were all “legal” aliens. The man compared her efforts and American legal efforts against the illegal alien problems to the Klan. Though really angered by the remark the young woman remained very calm. She politely told him that he knew all those protesters were not legal as he claimed. She also told him that ANSWER was the organizer behind the rally and ANSWER had bussed in people to get enough people for the protest. She told him she was aware that ANSWER was nothing but a Socialist organization. She  let it be known that ANSWER is behind all the major marches and rallies across the nation.  In other words, ANSWER is using peoples causes to push their own agenda.

The man tried to quiet her and throw her off topic by continually bringing up Klan tactics. Before she had a chance to respond, the reporter politely intervened and ask him how he knew the protesters were all legal as he claimed. The man said that the organizers registered the protesters. This was when the Hispanic representative for “legal” Hispanics let him know again that she knew for a fact ANSWER organized and bussed in the protesters who were in fact illegal aliens.

The Hispanic representative of legal aliens highlighted that the legal Hispanic community was supportive of efforts to curb the steady flow of illegals into America. She addressed the fact that they were breaking the law and had the nerve to feel it was ok. She also addressed the fact that the illegals felt they were deserving of rights they had not earned. She told him that there were legal channels that the illegal aliens could use like she and the other legal aliens used.   

Both she and the reporter also challenged the absurdity of his comparison of American efforts to control its borders and illegal immigration as being nothing more than Klan tactics. Throughout this man’s diatribe both the reporter and the Hispanic representative refused to let him draw them off topic by continually trying to compare efforts to control our borders and the illegal alien problems as a Klan type effort against the aliens. Praise God America. People are finally beginning to see the light.   


~ by devildog6771 on July 22, 2006.

4 Responses to “Finally the media and public address openly that ANSWER is organizing the protests that are permeating American cities”

  1. Yea! Yankeemom, Code Pink has set up a “Camp” for high school kids, and is actively trying to recruit them.pose is to train “High School” kids on how to protests and be activists like they did at colleges during the sixties. Al Gore also hasd a dedicated radio program geared toward kids. These people are trying to use educational system and media geared for kids and teenagers to shape and develop how they think. Check out Code Pink’s website for the Camp.

  2. Yes, ANSWER is a cancer in this country. Funny how you should write about this – I’ve been thinking about how my blog started out as a resource site for parents. But the more I listened to the Code Pinks and Sheehans, I knew I couldn’t and wouldn’t stay quiet!
    This isn’t the 60’s and we have the internet now. sa my daughter’s recruiter keeps saying to me: “Lead from the Front!” HOOAH!
    Oh, and OORAH!! ;o)

  3. SSM, you said it so well. I wish I had your way with words. Take care.

  4. yes, the democrats and anti-war, open border people (all the fringe groups) are all wonderful at name-calling against those that don’t believe as they do. Do these words ring a bell? illegal war, illegal government, liars, thieves, fascists, klan… they are very weak on debating salient points. (and they have a tendancy to sputter, stutter and rant a lot)

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