Remember Eddie Ryan?

Eddie Ryan was shot by friendly fire. He was shot once through the jaw and once in the head. When Eddie’s parents arrived in Germany they were told not to expect Eddie to survive. Well Eddie did survive. Then the doctors told his family he would never remember them, his home, or anything. Eddie now remembers everything. Miraculously he has complete use of one arm and limited use of the other. He can sit up in a wheel chair and he just stood up with help for several 30 minute increments.

Soon Eddie will be ready to leave the Helen Hayes Hospital. However his parents have been judiciously helping Eddie with his many accomplishments. Right now the Ryans need to prepare their home for Eddie’s home coming. They have neither the time nor the finances. If you can help, please go to the link in the left side bar and contribute toward the fund to prepare Eddie’s home so he can go home. His link is one I made with the flag and the USMC eagle, globe, and anchor.

By the way, Eddie can now make some complete sentences. It would be very helpful if people could send him a card ot letter to say hi and keep his spirits up. Let’s all do what we are able to help this determined young soldier be able to go home and continue to recover. Go to the link and read his amazing story. Look at the pictures at the difference in Eddie today and several months ago. If anyone knows of an organization that can help the Ryans with the modifications needed for their home, please send the information to Eddie’s family.

Prayer doesn’t hurt either. As a matter fact, Eddie’s Mom will tell you that everything about Eddie’s recovery shows that prayer does indeed help.


~ by devildog6771 on July 21, 2006.

13 Responses to “Remember Eddie Ryan?”

  1. […] I got an update on a post about one of my favorite people I like to write about, Sgt. Eddie Ryan. BrianJ from Pine Bush I […]

  2. […] folks abreast of Eddie’s progress and any special needs of him and his family. In the post, “Remember Eddie Ryan?,” I wrote: Soon Eddie will be ready to leave the Helen Hayes Hospital. However his parents have been […]

  3. Thank you for your update on Eddie. I will post an update and call for help for Eddie. Please tell him, he is not forgotten. I think about him and his tremendous courage every day. He reminds me of a brother I lost in ’71 to cancer. He was on 21 when he lost his battle. But, like Eddie he never gave up. He and Eddie were very much alike as far as being fighters. Watching Eddie continue to improve against all obstacles, I can’t begin to tell you how moved I am by his strength and courage. He is an inspiration to so many!

  4. I visited Eddie last week, bring him his piece of the Marine Corps birthday cake. (A Marine tradition). He looks great – has lost weight – and has challenged me to do the same! His progress is amazing. He told me abpout runs with his dad, warned me that drinking beer would dehydrate me – he is everything the MArine Corps is about. His family continues to awe me with their faith and dedication to helping Eddie get better.

    The VA continues to make recovery difficult – cutting therapy sessions back because, in the words of a doctor who never saw Eddie – “He has reached a plateau”. EVERY time I visit Eddie he has improved. Please led your Senators and Congresspeople know – we MUST take care of those who have paid the price for our freedoms. Pro-war or anti-war, we all owe these young veterans our thanks and our loyalty. SEMPER FIDELIS!

  5. Heath, your kind words of support and friendship are so very welcome. Please know we are proud to have you guys as our friend and ally too!

  6. Land of the free, home of the BRAVE. This is the face of America – Sgt. Eddie Ryan. America, that constant beacon of hope. Australia is proud to be your friend!

  7. Wow, 150 crunches., that is amazing. I sure hopoe you and your friend make it to that concert. Thank you for sharing something we seldom get – a personal look at the courage of our soliers battle to recovery.

  8. This brave and noble warrior amazes me everytime I speak to his Dad and hear how far along he has come in his recovery. His Dad told me he was doing 150 crunches. I can barely get myself out of bed. God bless you Eddie. I hope you make it to the next Freedom Concert.

  9. Thank you for your kind remarks. However, the honor was mine. I am so happy for you and Eddie that he is now home at last. God was surely looking out for Eddie.

  10. DevilDog ….. ThanQ sooooo much for this mention of our Handsome Hero !!!

    This is such an honor to read this !!

    Semper Fidelis !!!!!!!!

  11. Our Love, Prayers, & Support to our “Handsome Hero”Sgt.Sunshine Eddie Ryan!! Also to his BEAUTIFUL family !!!

    Please visit his website: … Yankeeman you’ll see how he is at home now !!!

    Luv Su & Hu OoooRah !!!

  12. I have wanted todo more of this but am at a loss of how to get the info. I do have one source I am going to try.

  13. Oh that’s so great to hear! Thanks for the update ~ I often wonder what’s become of our wounded after they get home.

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