Mehdi Army fighters

Josh Wright sent me an email with some links to pictures of some Mehdi Army Fighters. I was very shocked at what I saw. All I can say is if these pictures are an example of non-infidels, then I sure am damn glad I am an infidel. I warn you ahead of time, there are some pictures of our troops that you may find upsetting.…j-almehdi1.htm…j-almehdi2.htm…j-almehdi3.htm…j-almehdi4.htm…j-almehdi5.htm…j-almehdi6.htm…j-almehdi7.htm…j-almehdi8.htm


I made an award that I like to present occasionally. It is normally awarded to our politicians. I think I will make an exception and award my latest Golden Ass award to the people in the pictures in these links. There is nothing holy about any of these people. They seem to really enjoy killing. However the way they hide their faces like cowards reminds me of another bunch of people who think that they are abiding God’s wishes.


~ by devildog6771 on July 21, 2006.

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  1. There was one Photo Journalist who was awarded with a Pulitzer Award because of her pictures of the war in the Middle East. I was thinking I can find similar photos in here but it seems that your photos aren’t working. What I’m seeing instead is a picture of the very unrelated and uncalled for hologram of a zebra.


  2. […] Pictures Of The Enemy […]

  3. My point in the post was to show people pictures of the kind of enemy we are fighting. The doctocred photos work to the benefit of the enemy as propaganda directed toward their followers or potential recuits.

    At the time I posted the pictures we hadn’t really detected doctoring. To the best of my memory and knowledge the doctoring of posts was first detected during the Israeti – Hazbollah conflict. A photograper doctored photos of Lebanese casualties to make the world see an image of supposed Israeli indescriminate targeting without regard for innocent victims.

  4. Whoever doctored the photos, didn’t do a very good job hiding the faces. I take it, that was the point.

  5. Bongani, you have said it best!

  6. Unfortunately, the people depicted in these photos do not represent all Iraqi. If you look closely at many of the pictures, they look staged. Of course that is my opinion based on my viewing. The photos of our troops and other troops were really upsetting. They affected me the same way watching those Americans who were killed and then had their burning bodies hung from that bridge affected me.

    Instead of getting angry at all Iraqi, I choose to get angry at the “evil ba$tard$” who are causing all of this. They even kill their own. Then they say they are using Koranic teachings to justify their actions.

  7. These guys like to look big and bad cuz they’re a bunch of wusses. They want the image of the thing. When the going gets rough, these soft pus-bag killers, who are only effective at killing women, children, and bound men, they run and hide under their wives burkas. They’re cowards not good enough to flush. A piece of shit is better than they are.

  8. If those people are that stupid,let’s just get out,Fuck em all and if they mess with us or even think about it GLASS PARKING LOTS FOR ALL!

  9. DevilDog, I understand what you are saying. I disagree, though, It wouldn’t be a waste of good pork, We could feed the world with a farm that big!

    While my senitments would not and could be become a reality. I do think that we need to strike more fear into the hearts of these lower species. I’m not so worried about some moral higher ground because those we fight really have none. Take the gloves off and let the troops on the ground really do what they are trained to do. To hell with the rules of “Civilized” war, If hollow point ammo is good enough for your local state police, they are good enough for our men and women in uniform. If hitting with a cemetary with a rocket means killing 200 of those ragheaded piles of pig dung, pull the trigger. Let them know they are not safe, anywhere anyplace anytime. God bless our troops and God Bless America.

  10. Capt. Kevin thinks a little photo shop has been used. Who knows with those guys. They will do anything to make us look bad and the media just accepts everything unless someone else catches it. They sure wouldn’t take the time themselves. They might have to do a little honest and unbiased reporting.

  11. The photo in the first set of alleged U S troops on fire.
    That does not appear to be a cammoflage pattern that is used by American forces. perhaps they are Brits?

  12. Thank you Capt Kevin. I am always very pleased when I get updates from the “boots on the Ground.” I bet they use pictures such as this to over inflate their “success” at killing “infidels.”

    Mark and Jim, I understand your sentiments but of course then we would become our as our enemy! Besides it is such a crime to waste a good “pork chop!”

  13. I have a better idea. Since pork is like kryptonite to these ragheads, Let’s import a couple million wild boars and turn the middle east into a giant pig farm. That way these subhuman animals won’t be able to get into heaven after being overrun by the swine and have their 77 goat-virgins.

    I never thought there was any subhumans or sub-species of humans. Until now.

  14. Sorry, I mis-spelled “troops”….but I have another idea; Since the Dems want to withdraw, let’s pull all the troops out and just level the fucking place. And Syria, Iran, Saudia Arabia, on and on and on….turn the middle fuckinfeast into glass.

  15. God bless America. God bless our tropps. Fuck Islam.

  16. Just a word to the wise… Under “Mehdi Army Fighters” several of the pictures were clearly not authentic. One was of US troops training in the states(they had “lasers” on their rifles and gear to record “hits” commonly used in training exercises, nver in the actual thing) and several more were clearly Photo-Shopped to have flames coming off of US soldiers. After two years in Iraq I realize that Iraqis, indeed, most Muslims are more willing to believe the unbelievable and expect that the rest of us are as gullible as they are.

    “Destroy Hezbollah”

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