Josh Wright at “Devil Dog Marines”

Josh Wright at “Devil Dog Marines” is one of the most patriotic people I know. On  daily basis, Josh posts on his blog stories, links to pictures, links to videos, and a huge assortment of other things that in some way supports our troops or provides us with information that we canuse to support our troops.

Josh sends emails, letters, and card packages to troops. He is especially behind our Marinesbecause he loves the Corps. As a USMC veteran myself I can’t say I disagree with him there. No offense to you squids and dog faces. But you know how it is, “Once a Marine, Always a Marine.” Lopl, I was in over thirty years ago and still feel the Corps deep in my heart.

If Josh finds out you areor have been a Marine, he will send you little things to thank you for your service. I always feel a well spring of pride when I see I have another email from Josh. Since the war started I often feel like a fraud since I never went to combat to do my part, especially now that I see all the contributions our Women Marines are making in Iraq and elsewhere. Josh helps me get re-grounded. He helps me not feel so bad about the helplessness I often feel.

 If you get a chance, go to Josh’s blog at  and check it out. You won’t be sorry.


~ by devildog6771 on July 21, 2006.

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