Thousands of Americans trapped in Lebanon

The State Department can’t safely remove those thousands of Americans out of Lebanon. They have been told to stay put. Many are very upset.

I know I will get flack on this but what the heck are they doing there anyway? What kind of fool takes a vacation to a country run by terrorists? Granted there are some Americans there for legitimate reasons. But, vacations! What a bunch of dumba$$e$!

I have a solution. All the Americans, English and others except the French [they aren’t a threat to anyone] ought to ban together. Airlift in weapons- rifles, grenade launchers, stuff to make IED’s and home made bombs and poisons, a copy of the terrorist handbook, lots of shells, etc and cell phones. Let them form their own terrorists cell of Christians and kick some a$$! They can become the Christian sleeper cell of freedom fighters and call themselves “The Warriors and Housewives Organization” or WHO for short. Over twenty-thousand people organized is nothing to turn your back on! Let’s see some of that spirit that created America – men, women, side by side building and fighting for a new nation!   

Only kill Hezbollah and other extremists. This ought to be easy for them. They know first hand who is who! Sorry, no pun was intended. But, why should I get overly excited about a bunch of duimba$$e$ who in the end will wind up causing some of our troops to get injured or killed to save their stupid A$$e$! I’m afraid if I was one of those soldiers I’d ask them their political persuasion and if they supported our goverrnment’s effort in the war on terror. If they didn’t I’d tell them sorry, I have to save the supporters first. But, you don’t have to worry, you support the bad guys. I am sure you will be OK! Especially since there isn’t really a real war on terror. This is all George’s imagination.

I’d give them a radio and pen and paper so they could write and then send live news feeds to ANSWER and Code Pink. Hell I know those guys will get them out! Hey, I’ll even collect enough ski masks, towels, and black cotton pajamas so they can have a terrorist uniform. If Code Pink can give over $74,000 dollars to the enemy in Fallijah, they can certainly cough up enough money for unforms for those guys! 


~ by devildog6771 on July 16, 2006.

5 Responses to “Thousands of Americans trapped in Lebanon”

  1. Thank you Neil. Thank you for visiting.

  2. I would just like to say thank you for the information. I have been wondering why these wars go on and on. Now I know. Take care.

  3. You pretty well answered Mary Alice’s comments. I have a few additional remarks. Our Marines got there as soon as the situation allowed with helicopters. The airport was being bombed to keep Hezbollah from getting more supplies. The cruise ship makes more sense than one of our own because we have to be fcareful taking troops and our ships into the port of another soverign nation when they are at war with an ally. Landing a large plane is also dangerous because it is slow and a great “PR” scene if Hezbollah blows one up full of innocent civilians. Don’t forget we had some depolyments over by Japan because of the nut case in North Korea.

  4. Mary Alice,
    Glad to see the “Bush-Hater” blame-game is out in full force, as stated in your reply. The call went out for all American’s living in Lebanon to be ready to leave Lebanon right after this whole this blew up. I guess we should have magically “beamed” everyone home as soon as Hezbollah kidnapped those Israeli soldiers and whisked them all out of harms way.
    It takes time to evacuate 25,000, (that’s twenty-five-thousand), civilians out of harms way. The US military, nor civilian capable ships can only go so fast to be able to get there to evacuate those American’s who chose to live/work/go to school in Lebanon. But apparently you think that the US can just snap their fingers and magically transport all the needed ships and or planes to get these people out. Nice dig about New Orleans too. I guess all the first responders in that situation, ie: The Governor, Mayor of New Orleans aren’t responsible for getting their citizens out? It’s all Bush’s fault even though he told the Governor three days before the hurricane hit to get the citizen’s of New Orleans out never cross your mind. To which, by the way, she refused as did the Mayor. How do I know this, you ask? I LIVE HERE! I saw her tell the President to mind his own business and that she could take care of her own people. Fat chance. She failed as did Mayor Nagin. But blame Bush since that’s all you have to offer.
    I’ve lived overseas during times of trouble, much like what is happening now in Lebanon and I can tell you, it takes time to get ships there to evacuate American citizens. And guess what, it took days then and we were grateful to be able to get back home to the USA. Most of those in Lebanon didn’t actually want to leave since that is there home. Those that have left whine and complain that they weren’t being taken out on some luxury liner. Tough cookies. They should be glad they are alive and going home. Sheesh

  5. I am comforted that the Bush administration is showing the same level of competence when Americans are in danger in Lebanon that they showed in New Orleans. And they responded just as swiftly. ,,,, it took them only nine days since the disaster started to begin paying some to the Americans there.. One improvement. They have at least learned from Halliburton to outsource the rescue of these stranded Americans to a cruise company. Don’t we have troop carriers anymore? Or is this more of Rumsfeld’s fantasy of a “clean and lean military” where we are doing well to get a dozen people out a day because they once again the administration wasn’t READY. The inept French started getting their citizens out when the bombing started. After nine days of bombing, in our adorable Elmer Fuddish way, we began to think, “Weeeeellll. maybe we should start making some plans. Waddya think?” At least we have been spared Bush playing dress-up again, declaring . Mission Accomplished”. At least so far. He still hasn’t shown up in Navy dress whites.

    Making a poor choice as to where to vacation is probably a bad idea. Making poor choices that are getting thousands of American military killed and tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis killed is more than making poor choices. It is criminal, sociopathic behavior..

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