“..only progress when America involved!”

The world leaders can’t have it both ways. When we try to get involved and look for real solutions, we are interfering or going against the UN. When we back off we aren’t involved so there won’t be any progress.

The problem with Israel has existed since the WAR. Of all the major nations only Mr. Truman in America supported Israel. We were the first to recognize them! At the time, the UK supported the Arab nations while promising Israel a return to their homeland on the other hand. Of course that was then and this is now. England has been trying hard to resolve the conflicts between the two nations also. I can’t say the same thing about many of the other major, developed nations! No one wants to really resolve the problem. They want a temporary fix.

Cease fire after ceasefire!

Are we going to keep on putting off what has to be done until every fanatical Islamic in the region has the nuke and blows the whole world to hell so they can get their virgins and rid the world of infidels. The only intelligent comments about what needs to be done that I have seen or heard for some time were made by President Bush [Israel has the right to defend their nation] and a Lebanese gentleman who  was raised a terrorist from the age of 13 in Lebanon. He finally managed to leave Lebanon when he was about 19 and has subsequently had “18” attempts against his life.

The gentleman said we must not back down. Israel must not accept a ceasefire. Any move towards ceasefire or reconciliation will be seen as a weakness. Any such efforts will be a “go” sign” to keep doing what they are doing. Christopher Dodd and the rest of the Democrats who want to start the usual clap trap they spew every time an important issue comes up better get off their dead a$$e$ and start allowing this president to do what needs to be done before it is too late. Maybe if the presidents from 1967 until now had had any family jewels, this president wouldn’t be fixing the mess they all left.

I just figured out what has the hairs in the Dems A$$e$ so tight. They couldn’t fix the problem. They didn’t have the courage of conviction or the stamina to fix the problem. They did what they do best, put a band aide on the problem and cut and run. Well the blood id dripping from the band-aide. You can’t put a band-aide on an arterial wound. It won’t stop the bleeding. If you apply a tourniquet, the risk is great that the limb will have to be removed. The only solution is messy, you get blood on your hands, but you save life and limb.

Iran and the Islamics have been baiting the media and the polls of public opinion for some time, months, even years. Hezbollah wants to kill those who kill their civilians. OK, go ahead! But I think for every Israeli you kill, five members of Hezbollah ought to be killed.  It’s time to treat these “people” like the criminals that they are. Give them what they understand. I hope Israel bombs every nuke factory  in Iran and Syria leveling nthem to the ground.

Don’t look to America to fix the problems if you aren’t willing to help or do it right this damn time. Let’s be honest. Both the UN and the timid a$$ countries that are so good at lip service have no backbone. Between conflicts of interests and corruption they are left impotent! Now they want a scapegoat. If it all doesn’t work out the way they want it to, they will blame the US. They will then go through all that lip service of blame that really says what a bunch of spineless cowards they really are!

After a while, you’d think A$$ kicking iwould leave behind a bad taste.

 But the Democrats, well, they are true to form. How many presidents in recent history have had to deal with all that this president has dealt with totally alone because the Democrats refuse to work together with George Bush and his administration because they either can’t get past their personal feelings for him and his ideology or they can’t comprehend that the “party” is not the where all and  be all in American governments.

Don’t we have enough Republicans and Democrats in Congress who really care about America and her welfare to go beyond “party” affiliation and give our president the support he needs? With the elections coming up across the board, you can bet I’ll remember who did and did not do their job!!


~ by devildog6771 on July 16, 2006.

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