Israel, Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah – Talks of war

Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while knows I have repeatedly said Iran is the Master mind behind the the Islamic movement or jihad. I have given references of books and other resources that substantiate that supposition. I have given references to meetings led by Iranian leaders all over the world. I have also shown how even Osama bin Laden and the other terrorists leaders and organizations implement their attacks, etc. in conjunction with Iranian dictates.

Iranian representatives and other Arabic nation’s representatives have held meetings all over the world, including but not exclusive of Venezuela, Somalis, Indonesia, the Middle East, Central Asia. Iranian fingers stretch all the way to North Korea, China and Russia. If ideology is not a common bond, then economics is a motivating factor, especially for a nearly bankrupt Russia.

Following in the shadow of Iran is Syria. Though they deny it and right now condemn Hezbollah, Saudi Arabia also cloaks itself in that shadow.

Hezbollah has provoked an open war with Israel. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Iran is behind the attack! Much like the terrorists in Iraq, the Hezbollah has stockpiled weapons in the homes of local citizenry. But beside the usual caches of weaponry found in Iraq and Afghanistan, Hezbollah has stock piled missiles. They have thousands of these missiles in Lebanon.

However, I truly believe a big mistake has been made by Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah. If I were either of them, I would give second thoughts to a war with Israel. When a country can be surrounded by its enemies and still defeat them with ease, you don’t want to piss them off.

So far, President Bush has reacted wisely and supported Israel when he said that “Israel has a right to defend itself!” Thank God. Now he needs to stop letting that “peacock nut case” in Korea distract him. Iran is behind his rantings right now. North Korea hasn’t the means to do much more than they have already done. Iran has the resources so that if they complete or get their hands on a nuke they will do so and will use it. They will first nuke Israel and then mobilize terrorists attacks in America and England, maybe even Australia through their sleepers. The wheels of motion in this plan were started well over ten years ago, closer to twenty. 

Russia will do their bidding at the UN to slow down international support because it cannot afford economically to oppose Iran. China will support Iran because they are the only nation anywhere near the potential of becoming an international super power. As usual, the UN will do nothing. Corruption and mismanagement has made it ineffective. Also, there are too many member nations that are non-democratic nations. They have too much to lose if Democracy succeeds in the Middle East. They do not want to lose their hold on the power they have in their country. 

However there is a flaw in their plan. Israel will never give up. Israel has one of the best intelligence services in the world. Israel, unlike the US and the UK, can and does infiltrate the Arab nations and the terrorists camps. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they don’t have more than enough agents with Arabic language skills that they know exactly what weapons Hezbollah has and how close Iran is to completing its nuclear program. Israel is also far more skilled at warfare with the Islamic jihadists than any non Arabic nation. 

Instead of acting like “My God they’re going to start a World War” by erupting the entire region, people ought to get their heads out of the sand. We are already at “war.” We finally have the nation behind it all out in the open. Now is the time to step this all in one crushing push and get rid of the Iranian nuke program, crush Hezbollah in Iran, Lebanon, and Syria; and destroy nuke program in North Korea. Ir the Coalition forces and other world nations don’t be pre-emptive now, they will allow what they most fear to happen. All out nuclear war will be unavoidable.

With regards to France, “EFF the French!” They have had their cowardly thumbs up their A$$e$ for some time. I cannot believe that the people in France are descendants of those who helped us win our freedom. Give-em cake and let them throw it at the Islamics when they come “knock, knock, knocking” at their door!

I know we don’t want war in Korea again. But, if anyone thinks that the leader in North Korea is not already planning a take over of the South, I think they are kidding themselves. He needs his nuke program to keep Japan and the US at bay with the threat of an all out nuke war. Without his nukes he cannot sustain a war. There is one possible distinction in North Korea. The North has been reduced to such a state of poverty, the North Koreans may be easily convinced to put up a darn good fight to finally have enough food and whatever else they lack in the North by taking it from the South.

It would behoove world leaders to be careful how they handle this situation in North Korea. Somehow the North Korean citizens need to be made aware that the rest of the nations in the world will help them to stave of mass starvation and disease. What happened in Russia needs to happen in North Korea. But, Russian citizens were never as a nation as poor as North Korea is now. Russia was also a more developed nation in many other ways.

If the Coalition were using their thinking caps they would help Israel right now put an end to Hezbollah and the nut case in Iran right now. I think if Iran and Hezbollah were stopped now, Syria and Saudi Arabia would have little choice but to back down. But Hezbollah is entrenched in Syria. If Israel used its brains here too, it has a chance to make an ally out of the Lebanese people. With Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah controlled, most of the support that is being fed to Al Qaeda and the terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere will be cut off. Man power needed to continue their war and fighting wll drop off. The head will be cut off the snake!

Russia, China, France and other nations want to halt everything between Israel and Hezbollah. That would be stupid. World nations have made a habit since the end of World War I of resolving major conflict while leaving the individual conflicts that allowed the major wars to develop unresolved. With the ability of a nation such as Iran or North Korea to deploy a nuke,   the nations of the world cannot afford to quit midstream. The cowards way is no longer an option!   

There are those want to negotiate a solution. YOU CANNOT NEGOTIATE with terrorists. They have no respect for their own life. Why would anyone expect them to value the lives of anyone else. There is nothing to be offered to these people that will make them lay down their weapons. You also can’t negotiate with insanity. I think the North Korean leader is truly nuts.

The decisions made in the next few days, maybe weeks will determine the fate of all free nations. As a nation that once was on the end of the slide North Korea and Iran now occupy, and then turned itself around 180 degrees, I think Japan is the nations that can most offer advice into understanding the mindset of those aggressive countries and what helped motivate  Japan to where they are today. Let’s face it, Japan, could have been a bitter nation. She could have bid her time and slowly, secretly rebuilt their pre-war nation. We must find a way to prevent another Nagasaki or Hiroshima.

In order to step up to the plate and take this leadership role, Japan may have to bring out into the open those “secrets” about their past that have never been dealt with before. Even the history books have been written like those “secrets” never occurred. The world forgave Japan, America forgave Japan, a long time ago. Now Japan needs to forgive itself. Just like America had to face the pain of accepting its actions regarding our Japanese Detention Camps and the bombs we dropped on Japan that ended the war. Japan will also have to deal with its role in China during the war. Otherwise we will solve one problem and leave the door open for another as China develops into a super power.

Nations must learn that, just as two people who argue or agrieve one another must resolve their grievances or they will fester, grievances between nations must also be dealt with. Apologies, reparations, admissions go a long way toward this end. One of the biggest points of grievance in China toward Japan is its failure to assume responsibility for the actions of war time Japan in China and apologize for the acts of war time Japan to China. It will not immediately improve relations with China. China must resolve its issues in this regard first. Then both nations can begin to finally fully heal.

China and Japan are two nations that at one time were cultural leaders and economic world leaders. But those days existed in a world of isolation of nations that for the most part cannot exist today. If enemy nations can cooperate to send astronauts to space, there is no reason we cannot learn to do the same thing hereon earth. Otherwise our world legacy may one day be that co-operative bunch of astronauts stranded on the space station with no world to return home to!    


~ by devildog6771 on July 16, 2006.

2 Responses to “Israel, Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah – Talks of war”

  1. I don’t think “that” talk or plan can be avoided. But, I think we will try to get the U.N. more involved. This is trickier than anything else we are doing right now. Syria and Iran are behind this all, especially Iran. However, Saudi Arabia is more involved than they openly admit. But, I think they see the plan could backfire for the royal family. So Saudi Arabia is on the fence playing both sides. Iran is using the Israel – Lebanon crisis as a diversion. I was surprised to see that the U.N. managed to give a firm deadline while trying to figure out what to do with Israel and Lebanon. Oddly, I think Cuba and North Korea are the wild cards.

  2. Ok, great summary. Do you see a latent plan by the US to address Syria and Iran?

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