The latest on “Get along Cindy”

Cindy Sheehan is on  hunger strike. My reaction is yyyeeess!! However I found a new blogger recently that expresses my feelings and those of many of us far better. Go check out Station Commando’s blog, Recruiting Tirade at

For updates or in case you’re interested in showing your support [right!] check out the Code Pink TroopsHomeFast site at or check out Gold Star Families for Peace [GSFP] at

If you check out the left side bar at GSFP, you will note that Sheehan will again return to “Camp Crawford” August 16 – September 2, 2006. Rest assured that if you decide to be present for an opposing view demonstration, Camp Sheehan members will be most tolerant since you are exercising your free speech rights. Their etiquette page says they are to avoid confrontation and to call the police  if the other side “misbehaves!”

Now this I got to see!!

While you’re checking out GSFP, look down on the lower left side and read Cindy’s illuminating comparison between George Bush and “Hugo” Chavez. Wait, don’t get overly excited, Cindy assures us all she loves America and would never leave. She would rather America were more like Venezuela and is certain that with hard work we can get rid of America’s dictators and have a Democracy like our friends to the South that have a 100% literacy rate and the wealthy share with the poor! Damn, all this time I believed there was no such thing as a “Utopia!”

I am enlightened!  


~ by devildog6771 on July 16, 2006.

2 Responses to “The latest on “Get along Cindy””

  1. Doesn’t it just make you sick?

  2. Just shows the ignorance of these people ~ they seem to have a vision of how their world should be and the proces to get it so. Unfortunetly, our enemy has not read the same manual.

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