Politicians using our war dead for political gain

CNN.com tan an article, “GOP criticizes new Democratic web video” by Mark Preston CNN Political Editor, on the latest uproar from the Republicans about a new video DCCC.org released recently. “Republicans sharply criticized Democrats Wednesday for using images of flag-draped coffins and a makeshift grave of a fallen soldier in a new web-based video.

The Republicans consider the video in poor taste and inflammatory. The video, “America Needs a New Direction,” can be viewed if you register your email and zip code on the DCCC.org website. It shows a scene on a cargo plane of returning flag draped coffins and a soldier staring at the boots, helmet, and rifle tribute used by our troops in their ceremonies honoring their fallen fellow soldiers.

When National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Reynolds voiced his complaints that he considered this video in poor taste and a lack of respect to our troops who have died in the war there was the usual claptrap back from the Democrats:

“Perhaps if these Republicans had been able to summon up this same level of outrage when President Bush sent our troops off to war without the body armor they needed and the Humvee armor they required, so many wouldn’t have come home in flag-draped coffins or with life changing injuries,” Burton said in a written statement.”

I have to agree with the Republican view here for two reasons. The first and most obvious is that the use of pictures of flag draped coffins by any political party for the purpose of garnering votes shows a total lack of respect for those fallen troops. These fallen men and women gave their lives for our country to preserve our freedom and rights. They deserve the utmost respect. I don’t care if they are used by the party I currently align with or not. It is a criminal lack of judgement and respect for our fallen troops. As a person who lost a family member in this war, I feel I have a much greater reason than most to protest this offensive use of our war dead!

My second reason for agreeing with the Republican protests is a matter of using our dead to garner false indications of support for the Democratic party agenda.  You can only view the video if you enter your email address and zip-code at the assigned place on the DCCC.org website. In my opinion, if I do this and view the video, I will by implication, be doing as thousands of Democratic Party supporters will also do. An email sent out by the Democratic Party to supporters asks supporters to view the video by entering their email address and zip-code. Once they view the video they are asked to then pass along the DCCC.org site info to encourage others to view the video. No distinction is made between those supporting the Party and those who simply want to view the video. In my opinion anyone viewing the video is silently agreeing with the Party platform. You can bet the party will use the list of email addresses, numerically to indicate a rise n the number of party supporters.

SFGate.com is already reporting on a poll by Associated Press-Ipsos, “Most Americans Plan to Vote for Democrats,” whereby they claim Americans are dissatisfied with the Republican leadership and will vote 3-1 for Democratic candidates. The poll questioned “1,000” people. They were apparently registered voters. However, the poll did not identify the demographics of the voters. I am sure I can call 1,000 people and easily collect statistics to support any view I chose to present. By not taking either of these stories to the next level, the media is again favoring a prejudicial position politically. The polls are a dime a dozen as far as I am concerned. I never place any credence in the polls. They are always subjective. They can be interpreted and used as one wishes to suit their own purpose.

However, even though I have not viewed the video because I refuse to put my email address and zip code on the DCCC.org site, I feel that the description alone is enough for me to express my outrage. I insist that the video be pulled from the DCCC.org site. By continuing to leave the link up the DCCC.org shows a callous disregard for the memory of our fallen heroes and their families. The video is a slap in the face of our troops. It shows that the Democratic party will do anything to get votes. But removing the video is not enough for me. I want an apology. The apology should not be to me personally. It should be made publicly to all our troops now risking their lives to protect us. The apology should also be made to the families of those troops who have lost their lives thus far in the war!! A failure to remove the video and offer a sincere apology is indicative of the fact that the Democratic Party leadership does not truly support our troops as they claim they do! It is another example of using our troops as political fodder for a Party agenda!!


~ by devildog6771 on July 14, 2006.

7 Responses to “Politicians using our war dead for political gain”

  1. Thank you Alan. I appreciate that.I also respect your position because it is an honest one.

  2. I wouldn’t advise giving your email address to the DCCC. They are a bunch of spammers. And I’m anti-war, anti-Bush and anti-Republican. Seriously, they are spammers. Don’t even send them an email complaining or whatever, you will just go on the spam list. Even if you send them an email saying you are a Republican and hate the Democrats, your address will go on the spam list.

  3. An interesting way to handle this. I can’t say I agree for myself. Thank you for your comments.

  4. I had a pain too but it was localized lower! I must be doing something right because I have started to get some hate mail! God I live America.

  5. Devildog6771, I’m doing well, thank you. It has been a while. Too many things happening here to be able to visit your site as often as I’d like. Also seeing BS like this article gets me angry and unable to type fast enough to express my disgust. lol (Never took typing in school, and have to use my knuckles to type just doesn’t allow for acurate and fast typing). lol
    Keep up the good work.
    PS), I responded to a tin-foil wearing woman on a later post who just doesn’t get it. “Thousands of Americans Trapped in Lebaonon” post. I truly wanted to “explain” it all to her, but felt a migraine coming on after reading her remarks.

  6. Pothus!! How are you? I have missed you! Sadly, your points have much truth in them. But I am not finished yet. That article really angered me as it should any American!!

  7. devildog6771, My hat’s off to you as always. However, you do know that you will NEVER receive an apology from the DemoRats, nor will you EVER get the respect you and all of our Military Service Members deserves. They want power, they want to regain power, any way they can. They could give two hoots that they are being not only disrespectful, but will play the “But Bush Did it with his (insert whatever happens to be the in thing today)”. Before all of this started I wasn’t registered, I couldn’t care less about politics. Now, I’m a Conservative, and Republican. I support our troops having had a father serve in Viet Nam, and numerous relatives serve in our Armed Forces. That video sickens me, and unfortunately, the “liberal” left could care less.
    Take care, Semper Fi

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