CJ – A Soldier’s Perspective

I am on the email list for CJ at A Soldier’s Perspective. He has a great blog. He also writes great updates on the war which he sends out in emails to keep us all informed about our troops, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the War on Terror to name a few key points.

There were many such emails I wished I could have posted here but it wasn’t until this latest email that I realized it was okay with him to post the information. I suppose I could have asked him; but, I didn’t feel it was appropriate. I mean he did all the research and I in turn would effectively reap the rewards of increased visitors. However, on this email CJ encourages the information be disseminated so more people know what is really going on that the media doesn’t report.

So, in that frame of mind I am okay with posting here CJ’s report in the interest of passing around the news. Please feel free to do the same. I only request that you make sure you credit CJ as he did all the work! Here goes:

“Okay, after that last set of emails, I thought I’d redeem myself and send out something more positive.  I haven’t done an IED Roll-Up in a long time and I think I’ve compiled a pretty good set of stories here in just the past week or so.  I’m also going to throw in some good oddball stuff.  Everything I present here is open-source, meaning it has been officially released by the military for anyone to see, even the traditional news media.  However, it becomes the duty of many bloggers to get this information to the people. Please pass it around far and wide and make sure that Americans (and the world) know the good going on in Iraq.  The Lord knows there’s enough negativity in the media for all of us.These finds account for approximately 109 possible IED’s that could have been built and employed against Coalition Forces and innocent Iraqis.  Because of these finds and our persistent efforts in tracking down the terrorists approximately 870 lives were sparedthe tragedy of an IED explosion.  This is just in the past week alone.  Not only that, but countless other IEDs will not be built because of the IED manufacturers and facilitators that were caught.  Enjoy:

July 6- Police from 8th Brigade, 2nd National Police Division, along with Soldiers from Multi-National Division – Baghdad’s 2nd Battalion, 506th Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division, detained seven suspected terrorists and discovered three weapons caches during a search in Baghdad’s Doura neighborhood early today.  The first one contained two 82mm mortar rounds, blasting caps, and suicide bomber propaganda at another site nearby. A second cache, containing four 82mm rounds with blasting caps, a 122mm artillery round, suicide bomber propaganda and a magazine for a Russian sniper rifle, were also found.  The third cache, found across the street from a local mosque, contained a rocket-propelled grenade, two grenade rockets, two unknown rockets, two AK-47 rifles with ammunition and various bomb-making materials. A video camera and tapes were also discovered. The tapes contained video of torturesand mortars being launched. In a pile of trash, Soldiers found four mortar rounds, a 122mm round, a base plate, four cell-phones, one rigged as a timing device and plastic explosives.  All munitions have been destroyed by EOD.

July 4- Police from 2nd Battalion, 7th Brigade, 2nd National Police Division, and Soldiers from 2nd Battalion, 6th Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, detained two suspected terrorist bomb manufacturers at a vehicle-borne improvised-explosive device production site during a cordon and search of the Baya’a Car Market in the Rasheed district of Baghdad.  During the search of the market, the forces discovered a large cache that consisted of various bomb-making materials. Among the munitions and materials captured were 1,000 7.62mm sniper rounds, 300 7.62mm AK-47 rounds, 200 7.62mm shell casings, 3.5 pounds of explosive compound, a rocket propelled grenade, two 10-inch mortar rounds, two pipe bombs, a 75mm rocket and various other bomb-making materials and gear.

July 3- Coalition Forces detained one senior al-Qaeda in Iraq terrorist and four suspected terrorists during a raid in the vicinity of Tikrit.  The raid successfully targeted a senior al-Qaeda member known to be involved in facilitating foreign terrorists throughout central Iraq . The targeted individual reportedly replaced the former leader of this cell who was also recently captured by Coalition Forces. Coalition Forces secured multiple buildings during the raid detaining the senior terrorist at the initial target area. The troops captured an additional three subjects at the second target building along with one AK-47 and one grenade. The assault force encountered significant physical resistance from one of these detainees and discovered through questioning that the group had just recently been dropped off at that location by other suspected terrorists. The forces then cleared a third target building located in a remote area west of the initial objective. Intelligence indicated that this location was a suspected terrorist hide out. The owner of the house was detained without incident. Several women and children were present at the raid sites. None were harmed and all were returned to their homes once the troops in the area were secured.  (NOW YOU CAN WATCH THE VIDEO)

June 30- Soldiers from 3rd Brigade, 6th Iraqi Army Division conducted a cordon and search operation west of Baghdad finding a large cache.  The cache consisted of two 82mm mortar tubes, 19 82mm mortar rounds, eight rocket-propelled grenade rounds, an RPG launcher, 31 60mm mortar rounds, 91 mortar fuses, 48 M6 fuses, two bullet-proof vests, eight AK-47 assault rifles, five fragmentation grenades, five concussion grenades, a sniper scope, a pipe bomb, a mortar base plate, seven sticks of dynamite, 57 shotgun shells, three rolls of fuse, 3,750 7.62mm rounds, two Dragonov sniper rifles, and 300 PKC rounds. 


June 26- Iraqi Army soldiers manning a traffic control point thwarted a kidnapping attempt in Ameriyah.  A vehicle carrying the victim attempted to run through a checkpoint manned by the soldiers of 2nd Battalion, 1st Brigade, 6th Iraqi Army Division.  The Iraqi soldiers opened fire on the terrorist’s vehicle after it approached the checkpoint at a high rate of speed. The victim was thrown from the vehicle as the terrorists escaped capture.  The kidnap victim was returned to his home following a medical evaluation.


A Soldier’s Perspective

Please pass along these reports. We need to let people know what our troops and the coalition and Iraqi  troops are doing right. We need for people at home to see the progress. Take a moment out of your day and pay CJ a visit. You won’t be sorry. I included his url above this paragraph.


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  1. Hey guys. Glad to see you. I have been angry too. But, I realized it was messing with my head so I been trying to put into posts.

  2. Groovy.

  3. I too, posted a link to this on my site. It’s too true, what with all the bad press (whether it’s true or not – apparently, these days it doesn’t seem to matter) about our troops, we really need to get the good stuff out there!
    I plan to try to more good news but geez, I’ve just been so mad about it all lately!! Had to rant!

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