“It’s Crunch Time, Mr. President! The people want to be led!”

I know I did not quite get the words exactly right from American President. But, I am sure my point is clear. But I also am not referring to our President, at least not solely.

There is so much that has happened this past couple weeks. I find it hard to keep up with it all. The US Supreme Court decision was a big blow to the President. Not because it told him what he was doing wrong. It again pits him and members of Congress who realize that we are involved in an international fight for our existence with a nation-less enemy and a bunch of elected officials who try to block him at every step as he tries to defend us.

The courts basically said the President over stepped his authority. Frankly, my pea brain disagrees. But,who am I to voice dissent. I was surprised the courts also indicated what the administration needed to do to resolve the problems.

So, Congress is trying to legislate the needed authority. Of course there are members of the Democratic party who are already on the bandwagon. They are more interested in I told you so than the welfare of our nation! Along with them are some cowardly Republicans who are more worried about elections and political correctness!

There is another Osama bin Laden tape.  The second one within days of each other. As usual, of late, it was an audio feed only. He spouted off his usual diatribe. He also praised Zarqarwi. Kind of lame when Al-Qaeda recently criticized Zarqarwi’s killing of Muslims. He wants us to give Zarqarwe’s body to his family for burial in his home country of Jordan. Jordan, however, doesn’t want him buried there. They don’t want a martyr. Can’t say I blame them there.  I think bin Laden is a cowardly terrorist who sees his thunder has gone and he wants it back! Maybe he should crawl out of his rabbit hole and join the fight with the troops. We’ll be glad to help him obtain all those virgins these extremists are so worried about. 

Jessica Lundford’s killer won in court today. His confession was ruled invalid as he was denied his repeated requests for counsel. However, the subsequent finding of Jessica’s body was ruled as an eventual consequence of the investigation. The DA feels there is still more than enough evidence to convict. Couey must be breathing a little better knowing he may still have a chance to beat the charges. I feel sorry for the detectives involved. This was such an emotional case for the officers, the family, and the neighbors. Though not excusable, I can see how it happened.

The Space Shuttle was successfully launched.

North Korea launched “7” missiles.   

Why don’t these damn progressives call themselves what they really are and go to China, North Korea, and Cuba and live in their Utopia. I bet easily half never make it through the first month!

I know there are people who really are anti-war advocates who love America. They dissent because they do love America as is  their right. The people I have a problem with are to an extent very much like those people in the Middle East, Africa, Indonesia, South and Central America who adopt radical ideologies as a fix all for Social ills. The problems with these ideologies always involve the loss of personal freedom for the people, not more freedom. They always have more poverty, not less poverty. They are run by dictators or autocrats. Mass imprisonments and mass murders are frequently used as a means to help spread their own brand of “freedom!” A unique type of paranoia seems to exist  at the leadership level that allows no dissent. There is censorship of the media. News outside the boundaries of these nations is censored. News of what happens inside these nations is censored. Nothing gets in, nothing gets out!

Can anyone tell me why anyone, especially someone from a nation that does offer the very opposite of all the rights curtailed in these supposed “Utopian” nations and ideologies would give it all up for these non-realistic forms of government? ? I am especially troubled by people of intellect, education, wealth who are in positions to make a real difference. If they put the same effort into spreading the ideals of freedom and all the other advantages they have had all their life, the world would certainly be a better place.

I think they suffer from a misplaced sense of guilt. They have so much while so many have nothing or so little. Maybe, it even has to do with the fact that a number of them didn’t earn that lofty position they exist in. They were born to it. So, they turn around and throw away all that was accomplished by the blood, sweat, and tears of their benefactors. Granted all these people do not have all the aforementioned advantages. But they are certainly above the rung of the main stream.

The next group of potentially extremist ideology are those people dis-placed by change. The Civil Rights Movement, Women’s Rights, Affirmative action are the three main ingredients of the displaced “white male” population in America. These three things led to the increased membership in the Klan, white supremacists groups, and other such groups that help give these men a sense of their own identity after the abrupt social changes of the 60’s and 70’s. Status quo was gone. The male role model of a man did not, could not evolve quick enough to prevent the backlash. Again, just like the way radical elements moved into the Black cultural changes and the Female cultural changes  of the 60’s and 70’s and took advantage of the social upheaval, we saw these same type of extremists fringe groups like those men who bombed the buildings in Oklahoma.

There are always people who have less and those who have more. There are always those of intellect and those who are more functionally gifted. The haves and the have-nots may even experience role reversal to some degree or make a complete reversal. As industries become obsolete and new ones are found elsewhere, someone now has a job where they did not before and someone else no  longer has a job. If those industries do not find a balance between taking jobs to new sources of cheaper labor while technologically advancing into new areas that can be filled with the old labor pool we wind up with higher unemployed on the home front!

I suppose a simplistic approach to what I am trying to say is all things are about balance, and checks and balances. They are also about human nature. Those without certainly want more. Those who have want to hold on to what they have. All things are continuously changing and adapting.  The complacency of the haves and the impatience of the have nots give rise to the power and influence of the extremists who are natures social crud cleaners. In America right now we have a lot of crud cleaners doing their damnedest to crawl off the bottom, as bottom feeders will try to do and spread more crud to cloud the water. We need to clean away the crud and get to the issues and stay the course.  

North Korea’s recent tests and those people in America who are behind the effort to pull us out of Iraq may turn out to be the two defining points in whether or not the U.s. survives the war on terror. In England a similar situation exists. It is time for the complacent sleeping lion in the free world nations to join together and stop acting as if all is well  and these are not our problems. Events in Iran and Gaza will be the wild card. Thank God Israel has the family jewels to realize negotiations are no longer an option when it must be done at the cost of freedom. Compromise and negations that are entirely one sided can never work!

We need the UN, Germany, France, and all those other countries who have refused to act as responsible nations in leadership roles. We have probably “the biggest” threat to world peace that has ever existed in the history of the world! Yet Some of the very countries who most ought to understand what can or will happen if the free developed nations don’t take up the gauntlet, are the very oneswho refuse to act responsibly!

If I could remember the words to the Serenity prayer, I’d be saying it over and over to myself like a Rosary. We could certainly use a little Devine intervention!

[edited because I wanted to, lol. It just needed something]


~ by devildog6771 on July 5, 2006.

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