Phone Numbers of Members of the Existing Iraqi Government reportedly on Zarqarwi’s Cell Phone!!

Why is this a surprise? Saddam shouted out throughout his trial for his people to keep true to his pre-war instructions. The former regime will make every attempt to regain control and place Saddam back in power. They have no desire to be ruled by the people they treated so brutally under Saddam! How better to bring down a government than from the inside?

The insurgents [terrorists] will also do whatever it takes to gain control of the government. Why else would they be willing, seven of the groups, to suddenly accept the immunity offered by Malakai. Certainly no one really expected it to be that easy! Who in their right mind expected these groups to suddenly give up their chance for their virgins? Who in their right mind expected them to simply put down their weapons and give up their “jihad?”

Only a fool!! 

It is a short leap to the fact that some of those who managed to get themselves elected would be tied to the terrorists. In fact, is that not one of the items listed as a goal in the tapes by both Zarqarwi and Bin Laden?


~ by devildog6771 on July 3, 2006.

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