Iraqi Ceasefire and Pakistani Clan ceasefire!

What was it, last week that Pakistan announced that the local tribal leaders wanted to have a ceasefire? Now in Iraq in response to the amnesty offer by the government, several groups of fighters are considering the amnesty offer.

Frankly, I don’t buy it on the part of either group. I think that the recent activities in Afghanistan are having a greater impact than we are all aware. I think we are getting too close to catching people that the terrorists in the Taliban and Al-Qaeda can’t afford to lose. I also think that the increased efforts by the coalition forces in Afghanistan is affecting supply lines for weaponry, manpower, and other needed supplies.

I also think that the events in Iran are closely tied to this whole delay tactic. A lot can be accomplished between now and August by Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia, especially during a ceasefire. One of these countries trains troops and sends them into Iraq. The other trains the Imans and and tells them what to say to the followers to keep their support and disrupt cooperation with the coalition, Iraqi forces, and the new government. The other provides the routes into the country and weaponry.

Don’t forget we are talking about people who will spend “years” planning an attack.  I think we would be wise to beef up security on the home fronts of the major coalition forces. Coordinated attacks in the US and UK, especially with a ceasefire in effect, would be great propaganda for the terrorists because those home countries would be besieged by those who do not support the present military actions in Iraq to insist on bringing the troops home.

That is all the terrorists would need. They would have had time to replenish supplies, manpower, and weaponry during the ceasefires. If they timed everything right, they might just succeed in the US. The “progressive” movement [aka: communists or communist sympathizers] are starting to really make their move on the Democratic party. It seems that they are even moving on their own because the ones who have realized that in order to draw in a broader field of votes they must appear more moderate [like Hillkary] are being seen as abandoning the cause!

I know that there those who are going to think I am paranoid. Well, time will tell. But don’t forget that right here in the US some of those groups that are trying to end the war in Iraq are also supportive of the terrorists.

What really amazes me is the media! All the major networks, except FXNS have turned a blind eye. Lately FXNS had made more and more comments about the so called “progressives.” They have even openly alluded to Hillary’s ties to the extremeist in that movement and her supossed new moderate position. It appears that Hillary is no longer able to conceal her true political leanings and agenda.

Keep you eyes and ears on alert the next couple of months. I hope I am wrong about the terrorists. But I don’t think so. Nor do I think I am wrong about the progressives’ movement right now to firmly establish themselves openly in the Democratic party. 


~ by devildog6771 on June 29, 2006.

3 Responses to “Iraqi Ceasefire and Pakistani Clan ceasefire!”

  1. I agree with you both. By the way, I watch the X-Files every day. I even tape the ones over night and watch them in the daytime as I can.

  2. I’ve decided that the more the media report car bombings and such, the better our troops are doing. but then I’ve always been a bit that way about everything. Doesn’t make it not true tho…

  3. Great post DD! I am definitely keeping a close eye on what’s going on with this. I was also suspicious of the timing on this, but then again, I wondered if it was because I was an X-Files and 24 addict… you know, conspiracy hype? Time will indeed tell.

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