Flag Protection Amendment fails in Senate


[The second picture was done by some of our troops. I cannot give credit because I can’t find that information. If anyone knows the credit information, please let me know. ]

The Senate failed to pass the bill to protect OUR FLAG by one lousy vote. Had the bill passed then it would have been sent to all the states for ratification. That would have brought the fate of the Flag full circle!

We lost the right to punish those who desecrate Our Flag after a bunch of communists staged a protest against Mr. Reagan. As the protesters went from one location to another on that fateful day chanting, spray painting, and otherwise spreading their sick ideology in anything but a peaceful protest, they came to a building which flew Our FLAG. These people were openly allowed to spew their ideology in our Democracy. They proceeded to take down Our Flag and then saturate Our Flag with kerosene and burn it as they chanted, ” America, the red, white, and blue, we spit on you.” Gregory Lee Johnson, a member of the CPUSA, was the leader of that group at the Dallas City Hall.

He and his fellow protestors were arrested and fined. Gregory Johnson was the only protestor who chose not to pay the fine. Instead he fought the law. His case eventually went to the US Supreme Court which proclaimed in all its great wisdom that, “Burning Our Flag was an expression of Free Speech garaunteed under the !st Amendment of the Constitution!” This decision struck down the existing laws in just about every state in the Union which made desecrating Our Flag a crime!

Only in America can someone who supports the destruction of our government and all it stands for desecrate it’s national symbols and have the highest courts in the land strike down existing laws throughout the land to accomodate them. Only in America can the minority go to court and be granted their every wish as far as rights at the expense of the rights of the majority.

Only in America can organization that are affiliated with the WWP, ANSWER, UPJ and other communist front groups get a law passed to limit campaign contributions and use the loophole they knew would exists to set up 527’s like the Shadow Party, MoveOn.Org and other more blatantly communist 527’s and put a stranglehold on one of our major political parties and call themselves progressives and get away with it. Only in America can the self same communists or communist sympathizers create a caucus in Congress which is an affiliate of the DSA and was listed as such until a reporter in the late 1990’s exposed the relationship. Of course the DSA changed their website and the Progressive Caucus set up a “.gov” site.” Only in America would no action have been taken to determine the legalities involved here, or whether or not the CAUCUS WAS IN FACT A SECURITY THREAT.

Only in America can the minority practice the principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness while those rights are infringed on for the majority. The Constitution does not say you give a person the right to be atheist by denying a Christian the right to practice their faith. The Constitution does not say anywhere within the content of its wording that rights of one group are suppressed to give rights to another.

One of the reasons our forefathers left Europe was so “all” the people could practice their beliefs freely, not in a restricted manner. No where in the Constitution does it say anything about “political correctness” or other trite terminology used to desecrate our rights and symbols.

I went to THOMAS at the Library of Congress and pulled up the Bill. Here are the Senators who voted and how they voted. I suggest you make your feelings known to your Senator if you were for this Amendment and he/she voted “NAY!”.

U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes 109th Congress – 2nd Session as compiled through Senate LIS by the Senate Bill Clerk under the direction of the Secretary of the Senate
Vote Summary
Question: On the Joint Resolution (S.J.Res.12 as Amended ) 
Vote Number:  189 Vote Date:  June 27, 2006, 06:14 PM
Required For Majority:  2/3 Vote Result:  Joint Resolution Defeated

Vote Counts: YEAs 66
 NAYs 34

Here’s the list:Grouped By Vote Position

 YEAs —66

Alexander (R-TN) Allard (R-CO)Allen (R-VA)Baucus (D-MT)Bayh (D-IN)Bond (R-MO)Brownback (R-KS)Bunning (R-KY)

Burns (R-MT)

Burr (R-NC)

Chambliss (R-GA)

Coburn (R-OK)

Cochran (R-MS)

Coleman (R-MN)

Collins (R-ME)

Cornyn (R-TX)

Craig (R-ID)

Crapo (R-ID)

Dayton (D-MN)

DeMint (R-SC)

DeWine (R-OH)

Dole (R-NC)

Domenici (R-NM)

Ensign (R-NV)

Enzi (R-WY)

Feinstein (D-CA)

Frist (R-TN)

Graham (R-SC)

Grassley (R-IA)

Gregg (R-NH)

Hagel (R-NE)

Hatch (R-UT)

Hutchison (R-TX)

Inhofe (R-OK)

Isakson (R-GA)

Johnson (D-SD)

Kyl (R-AZ)

Landrieu (D-LA)

Lincoln (D-AR)

Lott (R-MS)

Lugar (R-IN)

Martinez (R-FL)

McCain (R-AZ)

Menendez (D-NJ)

Murkowski (R-AK)

Nelson (D-FL)

Nelson (D-NE)

Reid (D-NV)

Roberts (R-KS)

Rockefeller (D-WV)

Salazar (D-CO)

Santorum (R-PA)

Sessions (R-AL)

Shelby (R-AL)

Smith (R-OR)

Snowe (R-ME)

Specter (R-PA)

Stabenow (D-MI)

Stevens (R-AK)

Sununu (R-NH)

Talent (R-MO)

Thomas (R-WY)

Thune (R-SD)

Vitter (R-LA)

Voinovich (R-OH)

Warner (R-VA)

NAYs —34

Akaka (D-HI)

Bennett (R-UT)

Biden (D-DE)

Bingaman (D-NM)

Boxer (D-CA)

Byrd (D-WV)

Cantwell (D-WA)

Carper (D-DE)

Chafee (R-RI)

Clinton (D-NY)

Conrad (D-ND)

Dodd (D-CT)

Dorgan (D-ND)

Durbin (D-IL)

Feingold (D-WI)

Harkin (D-IA)

Inouye (D-HI)

Jeffords (I-VT)

Kennedy (D-MA)

Kerry (D-MA)

Kohl (D-WI)

Lautenberg (D-NJ)

Leahy (D-VT)

Levin (D-MI)

Lieberman (D-CT)

McConnell (R-KY)

Mikulski (D-MD)

Murray (D-WA)

Obama (D-IL)

Pryor (D-AR)

Reed (D-RI)

Sarbanes (D-MD)

Schumer (D-NY)

Wyden (D-OR)

As I watched the news this morning I was very dismayed when I heard the news about the failed Amendment. I was even more disgusted when I heard the reporters interview several people and so many of them considered this a trivial issue. I got mad when I heard the interviewer repeatedly say the majority of American citizens want this Amendment in every poll they viewed on the Amendment!

Our representatives all said they gave us what the people wanted. The polls conducted across America indicated that the people who elected those Senators wanted the Amendment but our “elected Senators” decided we really didn’t want the Amendment. What a pompous bunch of politically cowardly asses we have in office in the Senate..

I was reading about the Constitution the other day. Do you know there is a little known, not publicized provision in the Constitution that allows “we the people” to amend the Constitution by popular majority vote. It has never been done before as far as I could determine. But, it is possible. I say we the people petition or what ever the means is and pass “a popular amendment” to the Constitution to protect our flag and national symbols.

The Philadelphia Inquirer has a very good article  at “One Last Thing | Let’s rally around the flag amendment,” which does a very good job on the history of the current laws on desecrating the flag. It also makes a very interesting if not ironic comparison to the laws and penalties for defacing currency! Go read the article. It’s rather interesting.

One last comment. If flag desecretation is allowed, how long will it be before it is illegal to say “for God and country?”


~ by devildog6771 on June 28, 2006.

2 Responses to “Flag Protection Amendment fails in Senate”

  1. I’m so ashamed of our Senate. I’ll tell you what everyone who wants to deface “OUR” flag……move to Russia…..North Korea……China. Have fun!!

  2. Thank you!

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