Today’s rundown of some of my favorite milbloggers

Here’s a run down of the troops I visited today:

1]Lt. K at Wordsmith at War has a great series going now. He is posting letters written in past wars by troops then writing fictional letters from troops in Iraq to show how much things have changed as far as communications methods between troops and their families. Part 2 is posted now. Go take a look. Also’ he has published some stories for the New York Times. You can read them by signing up for a 14 day free trial. I only hope they don’t start making him change his work to suit their agenda. Lt. K is a very good writer and I love his work as it is. Go congratulate him for his good fortune.

2] Trevor at The Will to Exist has written a very moving account about the War in Iraq and why we need to stay the course. All Americans ought to read Trevor’s post.

3] Midnight at Midnight in Iraq has a humorous post about the “procurement” process the troops sometimes use to get their basic needs. It’s a fun read. Go tell him hi.

4] John McCrarey is stationed in Korea. His blog, Long Time Gone, has given me many a laugh. I am sure John would love to hear from people back home. We often forget that our troops are stationed all over the world and they too need our support!

5] Sgt. Dan is back at J Barne’s Coffee Shop. Sgt Dan just lost his brother unexpectedly back home. Please visit Sgt Dan and offer him your support and prayers at this difficult time for him. While you’re at it, visit his mom, A Military Mom, at her blog, Updates on my soldier , and give her your support.

6] American Soldier has been injured in battle and has been returned states side for treatment. His injuries, however, are not reported to be life threatening. This is the second time American Soldier was deployed and injured in combat and had to be sent home to recover from his injuries. This has to have taken its toll on his wife and family. Go offer him and his wife your support!

7] Msg Wegner at 2006 Tour of Duty has some great pictures of the life and people in Iraq. Go check out his blog and say hi.

8] Buck Sgt. at American Citizen Soldier tells us all why Casey died and why our troops are in Iraq. He also has a video that you all ought to see. Go check out his post. I will not even attempt to give a summary, it’s that good!


~ by devildog6771 on March 28, 2006.

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