Iraq, Impeachment, Treasonous Lawmakers

On Fox News this morning, they covered the civil unrest in Iraq and talked about how Zarqarwi and Al Qaida have stirred up the present “hornet’s” nest by the bombing of a Mosque. This event coupled with the recent hoopla over the Dutch cartoons has led to wide spread chaos in several regions right now. Of course we all know that it is the goal of Al Qaida to make this a wide spread effort throughout Iraq. Despite the “curfew” thousands of Iraqi are still rioting in the streets.

The United States and Iraqi officials have pleaded with the citizens to not allow this rioting to continue. The rioting started when the Dutch Cartoons were posted recently even though the cartoons were first published over five months ago. However some leading extremist religious leaders had a meeting and decided that they could really use these pictures to stem the new tide of Democracy that was beginning to evolve throughout the region. They even went to the extreme of adding a few additional “photos” of their own which were not part of the original cartoons. Their additions were extremely inflammatory and offensive to “any” religion.

It seems the leaders of radical Islam are beginning to use an old Islamic law that effectively says it is OK to lie to their followers as long as it is about the infidels! The leading Religious leaders in Iraq have repeatedly called for an end to the rioting and have urged joint religious services between the Shiia and Sunni. To some extent, they have been successful in this effort. But between the cartoons and the bombing of Mosques, the terrorists have aroused what is almost like watching sharks on a “feeding frenzy in several areas of Iraq!”

What is wrong with the Iraqi people that they can’t see all this for themselves? Do they want to become virtual slaves again and allow another Saddam to rule their country? Or do they want another Iran? Have they forgotten how it felt to vote in the last two elections so easily?

The terrorists have even resorted to opening fire on a group of “kids” playing soccer. Several kids were killed and many were injured. This is just one of several incidents recently specifically targeting children.Is this what soldiers do when they know they are beginning to lose a war? How can the Iraqi not be more outraged at the deliberate slaughter of their children? Everything I have read on Iraq talks about the special feelings of the Iraqi for their children, Even though the Mosques are important to both Sunny and Shiia, and those cartoons were admittedly controversial, are these two events more important than the safety and welfare of their children?

If it were me, I am sure I’d have a hard time not losing it and grabbing a stick, hoe, broom, gun, whatever it took and going after whoever attacked those kids. They might kill me. They might kill others. But if we stood up together and mobbed these killers, some of us would get through. If we all did this whenever they started another terrorists act and we caught them, they would soon get the message. We have had enough.

But what about in America? How are people at home responding to the War efforts? Well, let’s see. There is a big dispute going on right now about the UAE deal. I was unsure myself how to respond to that situation. I leaned heavily towards the protests of many others. After all we should handle our own ports. Then I found out we haven’t handled our own ports for some time now. A British firm handled our ports. UAE, a state run government is buying the British company. UAE has had its share of questionable speculations about supporting terrorism.

But UAE has been one of our strongest allies along with Kuwait. The difference is UAE allows much more freedom for the people living in UAE. There is religious freedom. Outside countries and businesses have sizable business interests in UAE. Foreigners can’t own land but can own their businesses and buildings. It is the most successful, profitable, and liberal country in the Middle East right now. Wouldn’t it make more sense to at least try to determine if this might not be a very good move us. Otherwise we might appear to be hypocritical.

We are trying to sell democracy in Iraq. We are talking about one day being friends and allies with them. Well, here is UAE, very close to what we’d like to see in Iraq. Except, I concede, they are not a Democracy. But UAE is a country that offers very many of the basic freedoms found in a Democracy. They have the potential to become a Democracy in a bloodless cultural evolution. If we don’t give this sale a responsible and objective consideration with regards to legalities of the Homeland Security, we would be making a terrible mistake. However, we must not allow anyone in Congress to turn this into an ethnic issue.

We must also not allow Congress to again be side tracked from the real issue. The Socialists members of Congress, and those racially bigoted Communist members come up with one effort after another to prevent responsible work in Congress. Besides the Congressional bickering over the UAE issue, Indigo Red at Further adventures of Indigo Red has posted a very interesting post about a proposal before congress to impeach President Bush.

The Bill is HR 635. It was introduced by Rep. John Conley. The Bill calls for an investigation by a Select Committee
of “the administration’s intent to go to war before congressional authorization, manipulation of pre-war intelligence, encouraging and countenancing torture [and] retaliating against critics…[and] make recommendations regarding grounds for possible impeachment.”

Ingido Red says “I’m sensing a pattern here.Conyers goes so far as to say there is “at least a prima facie case that these actions” were in violation of federal law. In the legal world, “prima facie case” means one in which the evidence produced is sufficient to enable a decision or verdict to be made unless the evidence is rebutted.

In the land that invented ‘innocent until proven guilty’, the President must prove his innocence. The terror advocates have no intention of investigating anything. The accusation is proof enough of guilt. They have already found the President guilty. All they need do now is break into the White House, haul out Bush, and lynch him in the Rose Garden.

Then John Kerry* will take his rightful place as Grand Pooh-Bah.”.

Rep. John Conyers
Rep. Lois Capps (D-CA)
Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX)
Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA)
Rep. Donald Payne (D-NJ)
Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY)
Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA)
Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-CA).

Indigo Red:
Sen. Ted Kennedy, a Massachusetts drunk, said on “This Week” (ABC), “I’m concerned about the abuses of executive power in the areas of torture and the areas of spying – and about how we’re treating individuals in terms of the court systems.” [I’m concerned that this fat, sloppy, drunken murderer is still walking the streets of America.]Speaking with the Vermont Guardian, Sen. Russ Feingold said there should be “an orderly and dignified” investigation of the NSA domestic surveillance. “If there was a legal violation there needs to be accountability.” How about investigating the authorizations of NSA spying by Presidents Carter and Clinton during their reigns of terror. Feingold added he would not exclude impeachment.

Go to Indigo Red’s site and read his entire post. It is very well written and very much on target. While you’re there take a look at the rest of his site and give him a shout.

Well, I sense a pattern too. I went to my favorite starting point for looking into the political and ideological bases of the people mentioned above. I found a pattern or theme if you will. Of the ten names mentioned, several are members of the Progressive Caucus, several are members of the Congressional Black Caucus, some are members of both, several use their Congressional position for special interests groups at home, several are extremely racially biased and have implemented measures that limit the rights of many of their constituents, including preventing them from selling their own private property, to denying them the right to openly speak out political dissension.

What is really a paradox is all but a few are very supportive of or members of Communist organizations or movements but do the most to violate the “economic leveling” so prominent in that ideology. One wastes a huge sum of money to be driven back and forth to work at Congress from her home which is a block away because she is a “Queen” and deserves to be treated as such! Read below the profiles of those who are pushing the above accusations and subsequent measures through Congress. See how they have done everything in their power to keep us defenseless. Go to the links and read their complete Bois and take a look at the links in the sidebar about each. There were three who were not listed as known Communist or Marxist supporters. I didn’t profile them. The ones I did profile were evidence enough to me that the entire movement was put forth by people of a Communists ideology who do not have the Best Interests of America at heart!

1.] Rep. John Conyers:Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
Member of the radical Progressive Caucus
One of 13 founders of Congressional Black Caucus
Advocates freeing convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal
Plotted with radical Ramsey Clark and others about ways to impeach President George W. Bush
Spoke in 2003 at anti-Iraq War rally of pro-North Korean Marxist group International A.N.S.W.E.R.
Voted against a resolution stating that “the United States and Israel are now engaged in a common struggle against terrorism.”
His district has a higher proportion of Muslims than any other in Congress, and his official congressional web site can be read in Arabic
Spoke in 2005 at an event organized by accused anti-Semite Lyndon LaRouche
Orchestrated letter-writing and media campaign over so-called Downing Street Memo with help from George Soros-funded
John Conyers, Jr. is a Democratic Member of Congress who represents the 14th District of Michigan, which includes roughly half of Detroit, most of Dearborn with America’s biggest Arab-American community, and all of once-Polish-American Hamtramck.

From Hamtramck the Muslim call to prayer now echoes across the area from local mosque loudspeakers five times each day, the first at 6 A.M. and the last at 10 P.M. Conyers’ official congressional web site allows visitors, at the click of a mouse, to read its contents in Arabic.

Congressman Conyers belongs to the radical Progressive Caucus, and in 1969 he was one of 13 co-founders of the Congressional Black Caucus in the House of Representatives.

Conyers is the most prominent lawmaker lobbying to free Mumia Abu-Jamal, the convicted murderer of a Philadelphia police officer. Conyers has been a National Executive Board member of the National Lawyers Guild (NLG), which was created as a Soviet front and still embraces its Communist heritage.

Conyers has deliberately designed laws to treat citizens of different races differently and to impose obedience to policies of reverse racism. One such Conyers law requires police to keep statistics on the race of people they question or arrest in to order to discourage “racial profiling” of minorities, a law that also makes police more reluctant to question or arrest minority citizens even when such actions are warranted.

Conyers helped enact “hate crime” laws, which critics have described as punishing people for “thought crimes” and politically-incorrect speech. These laws in practice are often applied unequally. If a white hits a black, big city prosecutors frequently add hate crime charges to impose a heavier criminal penalty. If a black hits a white, such prosecutors seldom add charges involving hate crime statutes.

…For a radical like Conyers, such racially-polarizing issues are win-win propositions. They encourage minorities to regard themselves as victims and to regard white America as their victimizer. If reparations are paid to every African-American, Conyers can take credit for the largesse. If reparations are not paid, Conyers can denounce this as racism and use the issue to stir resentment and to justify more political transfer of wealth to minorities via other means such as welfare and racial preferences.

Conyers has joined fellow Black Caucus (and former Progressive Caucus) member Rep. Charles rankle (D.-New York) in supporting renewed military conscription, arguing that the volunteer military disproportionately enlists the poor and minorities.

2003 he was the only member of Congress to speak before, and lend his prestige to, an anti-war rally organized by the Marxist-Leninist, pro-North Korean front group International (Rep. rankle also addressed the rally but not in person – via a letter read by another speaker.) Connors embraced his comrades in this group with the same enthusiasm and support he gave during the Cold War to the Soviet-backed World Peace Council.

2.0] Rep. Lois Capps (D-CA)

3.0] Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX):Congresswoman representing the 18th District of Texas, downtown Houston
Member of the radical Progressive Caucus
Member of the Congressional Black Caucus
Ken Lay of Enron helped bankroll her first election to Congress
Lent her prestige to 2001 anti-Jewish United Nations conference in Durban, South Africa
Provided propaganda for Communist FARC guerrillas in Colombia
Voted against school vouchers for Black parents in Washington, D.C.
The group Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) rates her voting record in recent years to be 100 percent on the left side of legislation. She is also a member of the Congressional Black Caucus.

joined seven fellow Progressive Caucus members and one Republican in signing a letter that called on President George W. Bush to “delink” economic sanctions from military sanctions against Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq. This would have allowed Hussein to receive economic aid while refusing to comply with his international agreements.

In February 2003 she was one of six House Democrats who filed a lawsuit to require President Bush to get explicit congressional permission before invading Iraq.

In 2001 the United States withdrew most of its diplomatic participation in the United Nations’ World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia And Related Intolerance in Durban, South Africa after it became clear that the gathering would give prominence not only to anti-American but also to anti-Israel and anti-Semitic leaders. Despite this, seven members of Congress including Congresswoman Jackson Lee attended, and along with seven other congressional Democrats lent their prestige to what became an anti-Jewish hatefest.

In 2002 Jackson Lee joined 43 other members of Congress, all but two of whom were Democrats, in signing a letter to Secretary of State Colin Powell alleging human rights violations by the Government of Colombia in its war against the drug-running guerrilla terrorist Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces, FARC, established as the military wing of the Colombian Communist Party. This letter, published worldwide and used as pro-FARC anti-Government of Colombia propaganda, made no mention of FARC’s thousands of murders, atrocities and support from Cuban Marxist dictator Fidel Castro and from Venezuela’s Marxist caudillo Hugo Chavez. The letter urged Secretary Powell “to take our concerns into account when determining whether to approve additional military aid for Colombia this year.”

In November 2004 Colombian Defense Minister Alberto Uribe announced that informants had warned of a FARC plot to assassinate President George W. Bush during his brief visit that month to Colombia.

Jackson Lee has a 100 percent pro-union voting record,

spoke at a rally in support of organized labor’s Immigrant Worker’s Freedom Ride, an effort to liken the unionizing of illegal aliens to the African-American civil rights struggle of the 1950s and 1960s. One writer described this as the “Open Borders Bus Tour” because it encouraged workers to enter the United States illegally.

The Weekly Standard reported that Rep. Jackson Lee incurred a ridiculous cost to taxpayers, and might be in violation of House ethics rules, by having an aide drive her daily in a government-leased car to and from her congressional office to her Capitol Hill apartment one block away. She once told a staffer who had failed to reserve a limousine, “You don’t understand. I am a queen, and I demand to be treated like a queen!”

4.0] Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA)

5.0] Rep. Donald Payne (D-NJ)

6.0] Rep. Charles rankle (D-NY):Far-left Democratic Congressman from New York
Introduced legislation to reinstate military draft for political purposes
Longtime apologist for Fidel Castro and communist Cuba
Equally controversial is Rangel’s long history of levying baseless charges of racism for political advantage.

Frivolous assertions of racism have been Rangel’s preferred weapons against white politicians.

Terrorists, too, have found favor with rankle. In February of 2005, rankle proclaimed that it was discriminatory to label groups like Hezbollah “Islamic terrorists.” “To call it Islamic terror is discriminating, it’s bigoted, it is not the right thing to say,” rankle said.

7.0] Rep. Maxine Waters(D-CA)
Democratic Member of Congress
Member of the radical Progressive Caucus
Chief Deputy Minority Whip in the House of Representatives
Voted against the 1991 Gulf War after it began, and in March 2003, was one of 11 who voted against the resolution to support our troops after the Iraq War commenced
Has traveled to Cuba and has praised Marxist dictator Fidel Castro
Rationalized and justified the actions of the 1992 Los Angeles rioters
An ally of Democratic powerbroker Phil Burton, she became a member of the Democratic National Committee in 1980 and helped design California’s gerrymandered redistricting in 1982.

As a Member of Congress, Waters belongs to the radical Progressive Caucus and to the Black Caucus, which she has headed. For every primary and final election she publishes her own Progressive Connection mailer to constituents, and Democratic politicians eager for votes from her district pay Waters from $10,000 to $35,000 to be included in the slates of candidates her mailer endorses.

Waters votes as if government was primarily a vehicle for a similar redistribution of wealth. When the Mississippi River flooded in 1993, Waters attached to the emergency relief bill for flood-ravaged areas an amendment allocating $10 million to her own dry Southern California district.

Waters is the Chief Deputy Minority Whip in the House of Representatives and one of the most senior members of the Financial Services Committee. Organized labor is by far her biggest campaign contributor and supplies more than 68 percent of her Political Action Committee (PAC) donations.

8.0] Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-CA)Democratic Member of Congress
Member of the Progressive Caucus
Voted against the use of force in Iraq; against increased Federal power to detect and apprehend terrorists
Co-chair of the Democrats’ welfare task force; opposed 1996 Welfare Reform Act
She has used government power to prohibit many farmers in her district from selling their land to developers in what amounted to an expropriation of private property. She also wants to expropriate taxpayer money to subsidize the exports of her district’s winemakers.

9.0] Sen. Russ Feingold Co-author of controversial campaign finance reform bill
Only senator to vote against Patriot Act in weeks following 9/11 attacks
Longtime opponent of U.S. military force who supports cutting defense budget
Considered presidential aspirant in 2008
Perhaps most notoriously, he was the co-sponsor, with Senator John McCain, of the controversial campaign finance reform act of 2002, imposing strict restrictions on political advocacy. Critics charge that the act is in direct violation of the First Amendment.

Feingold, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has also labored to circumscribe the investigative tools available to the U.S. government in fighting the “War on Terror.”

an irreconcilable enemy of the Patriot Act

Feingold introduced legislation to ban the use of data-mining under the Defense Department’s Total Information Awareness Program, on the justification that the practice was “untested.”

In 1997, he lobbied to cut off funds for military efforts in Bosnia and advocated an early withdrawal of American forces. “What they [the Clinton administration] haven’t done is define a concrete exit strategy for our American troops,” he complained at the time. In 1999, Feingold was one of only three Democrats to oppose air strikes against Yugoslavian strongman Slobodan Milosevic. “There is no timetable with withdrawal, no cost assessment, no exit strategy,” Feingold said. He reprised that same argument in 2005, when he became the first senator to call for a timetable for the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq by December 31, 2006.

Frequently trading on his ill-founded reputation as a “bi-partisan” moderate, Feingold is in fact one of the most astringent partisans in Washington.

In December of 2005, when the New York Times reported that the National Security Agency, under President Bush’s authority, had used wiretaps on international phone calls to monitor al Qaeda suspects, Feingold was one of only two Democratic senators (the other was Carl Levin of Michigan) who immediately alleged that the president had broken the law. “The issue here is whether the president of the United States is putting himself above the law,” Feingold told CNN, “and I believe he has done so here.” Observers noted, however, that the president’s use of the wiretaps was wholly in keeping with his national security prerogatives during war time.

10.0] Sen. Ted Kennedy:

Democratic U.S. Senator from Massachusetts since 1962
Escaped manslaughter charges for a drowning incident in 1969 through political influence
Since 9/11, has been opposed to National Security measures including the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System
Described the 2003 war in Iraq as “a fraud”
Kennedy has been an outspoken critic of the manner in which the Bush administration has conducted the war on terror. Consider, for instance, Kennedy’s opposition to the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS), which, since its implementation in 2002, has stopped several hundred known foreign criminals and several known terrorists who attempted to come into the country at certain official ports of entry. In addition, the targeted registration of certain foreign nationals already in the country has resulted in the apprehension of at least 15 illegal alien felons. Among the people caught by the NSEERS program are the following:

A Tunisian convicted of multiple drug-trafficking offenses, in addition to previous violations of immigration law;
A national of the Dominican Republic convicted of aggravated assault and burglary on a prior visit to the United States and who had been deported after that prior visit;
A Canadian with multiple narcotics convictions;
An Iranian who had been convicted three times of assault with a deadly weapon and had been convicted twice of grand theft in addition to immigration violations;
An Iranian twice convicted of child molestation;
An Iranian who had been convicted of theft and narcotics possession;
Two suspected al Qaeda operatives who were caught trying to enter the U.S. after their fingerprints matched ones lifted by our military officials from papers found in Afghanistan caves.
Senator Kennedy, however, tried to put a stop to the NSEERS program. In late January 2003, he slipped a provision into the Senate’s omnibus appropriations bill that would have completely cut off funding for the national security registration system

The Daily Blogster has a post, “Tuesday 21 Feb 2006,” which does a great job of reminding us of why we are at War in Iraq. I am not going to excerpt his post except to show the map below which says it all. Pay particular attention to the bottom inset at the green area.

If anyone still doubts why we are in Iraq and Afghanistan, or that we are in a World Wide War with terrorists who want to destroy us, then they either have their head in that personal unmentionable zone or do not have American interests at heart! Take a look at the map. Then visit Mr. Bob’s site, The Daily Blogster.

“Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or, in adhering to their Enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.” (Constitution of the United States of America, Art. III, Sec. 3, Par. 1)
Previously treason involved our country and “some other” country, and; someone working on one side or the other who committed the act. In this new world situation, do we need a clarification of exactly what can be construed as treason? I think we may? I hear every day of activities which ought to be treason.
I’d like to know what your views are on the subject. I think mine is pretty clear.

Go to the link on Treason and read what the Constitution has to say. Then read about the Supreme Court clarifications. Pay particular attention to the following:

Cumulatively, in these eight decisions arising from World War II, the Supreme Court of the United States established that for a prosecutor to take an “aid and comfort” treason indictment to a jury he must prove four elements beyond a reasonable doubt: (1) an overt act, (2) testified to by two witnesses, (3) manifesting an intent to betray the United States (which can be inferred from the overt act itself), (4) the act providing aid and comfort to the enemy. Accordingly, based on the background of English, colonial, constitutional, and post-constitutional decisional history, the absence of a formal declaration of war is no impediment to a charge of treason.

~ by devildog6771 on February 26, 2006.

4 Responses to “Iraq, Impeachment, Treasonous Lawmakers”

  1. In a recent speech, one of his best by the way, Mr. Bush said something to the effect that thpough the WMDs “everyone” thought Saddam had have not been found that doesn’t change the reality of the situation that led us to Iraq. Osama bin Laden had already asked Saddam if he could move his oiperation to Iraq because he knew we would go after him in Afghankistan. That is a well documented fact in the European newspapers. Saddam made plans to assinate one of our presidents. That is a well known fact. Just before we attacked Iraq, satelite surveilance showed lagre vehicles leaving Iraq into Syria and towards Russia. Of coutse, one can only guess at what was in those trucks.

    But it is no secret that Saddam’s son went to Afghanistan at Saddam’s request and that is when Osama asked to move his operations to Iraq. When his son took Osama’s request back to Saddam, Daddam agreed. Saddam was not particularly highly regarded by Osama except both hated the US. Their alliance was strictly a case of the enemy of my enemy is my friend.cqfoptg

  2. Um I dont think there was any direct link between Zarqarwi and the mosque bombings. Although that is a convincing reason to blame Al Quida for secretarian divisions within Iraq its not actually the truth its just “spin” in the anti-terrorist capaign Fox News has lauched. Fox News can and will link anything including your Kitchen sink to terrorism to keep people afraid so they can keep their conservative war hawk friends in power. I am not denying that there is a terrorist threat, what I am denying is that there is a vast terrorist conspiricay run by anyone and everyone who has ever had a liberal view. I have no problem with supporting our troops and I have no problem with people supporting president Bush for good true and logical reasons, what I have problems with is Fox News and the Bush Administration blatently LYING to the entire US population. If you can proof this not be the case then I will happly withdraw my remarks. Goodluck

  3. The Iraqi at the blogs I mentioned on the post below disagree!


  4. O mustapha you must tell the nice guard all you know. He is only here to help our country.
    When your mother had her arm blown off by their “shock and awe”-this was a way of bringing
    democracy to our land of ignorant peasants.
    So don’t resist their two gods: MacDonalds and Wall-Mart. They will be used to glorify Allah.
    It is not so important we have our oil, our ports, our jobs, and our dignity.
    Freedom is on the march-so let us join in and stand on our electrified chair and give
    three cheers for the Ayatollah from Crawford.
    He is a wise and honest man who cares for us-and wants to see our children grow up
    to make sneakers and raw materials for the great Land of Opportunity beyond the sea.
    Tell him where Ahmad and Suri live-so he can bring them here to live with us in this glorious
    protective environment he has kindly provided.
    All we be okay-God is great-but for now Bush must be greater.
    Sleep for a few moments before they come back-maybe this time the nightmares will not be that bad.

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