What some of our troops had to say today

I thought I’d do something a little different today. I like to read through as many of the blogs of deployed troops as I can and try to offer support. But lately things at home have had me pretty distracted. Seems like I am not the only one. I kind of see the same pattern at many blogs. So today I want to draw attention back to our milbloggers. Here are a few I enjoyed today.

1.] Akinoluna in Iraq at AKINOLUNA in Watch Out, Mall! has a great and refreshing post about wearing the same clothes day in and day out. I think her and DOC at J Barne’s Coffee Shop are basically talking about the same thing from a different perspective. Maybe they both are reminding us that as self sacrificing as our troops are they still are basically just like the rest of us in their desires, in their needs for normalcy. War, at home and on the battlefield, attacks our spirit, and can wear it down if we let it. It can make us forget what it is we are doing over there and why! Both of these two show how simple it is to hold on to ourselves. However, I realize that this process is anything but simple.

2.] Buck Sergeant in Iraq at AMERICAN CITIZEN SOLDIER has posted part one of a series on the impact of elections WHY ELECTIONS MATTER – PART I. I have a few more questions and comments for the Sgt. here so I don’t tie up his comments.

Will you be discussing Mr. Truman’s relationship or actions with regard to Generals MacArthur and Patton? I wonder what Mr. Truman would say or do today if he saw that his beloved party was over run by communism and Marxism. That the halls of our Congress are full of “closet” communist posing as Democrats who spend their every waking moment trying to destroy the America Truman loved and the peace he helped bring about in the world.

I have looked up the backgrounds of all the major protest march leaders and all are deeply rooted in communism. One of our leading presidential hopefuls [no longer mine] is at the very top of that group as a, I suppose you could say, “silent” leader. This hopeful is taking full advantage of the “527’s.”

Sadly I was a Democrat for most of my life and a supporter of the aforementioned possible candidate. I also believed in and supported many great “peaceful” organizations such as NOW. But in researching something else I came across, quite by accident, some deeply disturbing facts about those leaders and organizations in America who want to destroy America and our Constitution though they publicly appear to do quite the opposite.

These people are strong believers in the movements of Chavez in Venezuela, the terrorists in Iraq, Castro in Cuba, and the other violent or repressive regimes throughout the world that oppress their people. They only believe in “revolution!” Once their present goals are attained they would again push for another “revolution” as they see “the war” as never ending. I would love to hear your views on this topic when you are done here this excellent series. If you don’t think it appropriate on your blog, send me an email. If you disagree with me, that’s OK. Intelligent disagreement versus violent disagreement is always healthy.

3] Mrs AS in Iraq at American Soldier updates us on the family and AS and shares their daily experiences while AS is deployed.

“The man, AS, is doing well. Lots of long days in the field……
…I get the chance to write email in the morning. And at night hear back from him. It’s a wonderful feeling
. You have to admire this gutsy lady.

4.] Grey Eagle in Iraq at Grey Eagle – Soldier & Combat Medic is now Sgt. Grey Eagle wrote about her recent promotion to Sergeant The Day They Called Me Sgt. Grey Eagle. She encountered a unique punishment for a “fax paus” shortly after her promotion. So, is this the Iraqi version of going to the club and chugging the mugs when someone gets promoted? I mean, there is no beer in Iraq! So is this how you celebrate there, lol!

5.]Doc Smith in Iraq at J Barne’s Coffee Shop misses the camaraderie of the coffee club in “Let me tell ya… “! First off Doc, I personally think it is both healthy and prudent to maintain contact. But my experience is, back home, many try so hard to forget the war, they avoid each other because of the reminders. What they wind up doing is losing invaluable friendships and support for each other. While they do this they stuff their pain, tears, joys, camaraderie, and all they shared that gave them strength and lifetime friends.

You guys and your families can really help each other and your families. But it goes much deeper than that. Most people never make the personal “brotherhood” that your shared experiences brought about. They never learn to rely on themselves but at times you must trust and rely on others. Much as war eats away at the soul and spirit of the “soldier” it frees another dimension of him or her as human beings that is rarely seen in “every day life. Don’t give that up so easily you guys!

6.] John McCrarey in Seoul, Korea at Long Time Gone in Tolerating intolerance has written a post about the issue that has become so explosive in Europe and the rest of the world. He has an excellent post on the “cartoons” that is being “used” as an excuse to riot, murder, and generally destroy and kill anything or anyone in sight that doesn’t believe their way!!

7.] Capt. B’s post at One Marine’s View posted I knew this was going to happen about his observations of the Super Bowl. He was, in my opinion, right on target when he talked about the way the past support for our troops was absent, how it made him feel and how,I am sure, all of our troops felt. Go read his post. Then show him your support. You might consider writing your representatives or some networks and telling them how you feel.

My sincere Thank You to these soldiers and all our soldiers who are deployed around the world. We are all drawn to Iraq and Afghanistan right now because that is where most of our American soldiers are being killed. With upcoming elections, now is an especially good time to let your representatives know what you think. Don’t let American extremist speak for you.

P.S. Capt B, take a look at my side bar and you’ll see a little something I added for you!


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