Sheehan is selling out America and we are allowing her to do it!!

The World Social Forum is over. Believe me, Cindy Sheehan certainly had her heyday. As a final blow to the integrity of Mr. Bush, she told the crowd in Venezuela that when Harry Belafonte called Mr. Bush the “greatest terrorist in the world” she agreed with his statement.

A couple days ago Sheehan had the gall to say if Senator Feinstein didn’t vote no at the hearing for our newest judicial nomination and agree to filibuster, Sheehan would run for her Senate seat. Well for all the goods it did Feinstein did vote for the filibuster. However, now Sheehan is going to run for Feinstein’s seat anyway because Feinstein refuses to ask for immediate troop withdrawal from Iraq.

To further embarrass herself, Sheehan is again going to camp outside Mr. Bush’s ranch over Easter. Calling Mr. Bush “Mr. Danger,” Sheehan asked Chavez why he didn’t put up his own tent!This stupid woman would be a national embarrassment if her actions were not so pathetic!!

Unfortunately, as long as mainstream Americans continue to believe that socialism, Marxism, and communism will never be a threat in America, those people who are in or influenced by ANSWER,ACORN, Code Pink, DSA, MoveOn.Org, the Progressive Caucus or any of the other such groups will continue the peace rallies, protesting outside Military Bases and hospitals, getting elected as Democrats, build “527” networks, infiltrating our labor unions, lobbies, small ethnic and special interest minority caucuses, the NAACP, NEA, running our Universities, and contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars to our enemy so the enemy can kill more of our troops and eventually attack us right here in America again!! These people will continue to influence how our media reports the news. In a steady, step by step approach, these fanatics will induce the internal revolution that they see as the only ultimate outcome for curing the world of its woes right here in America while the majority of us Americans sit at home on our complacent a$$e$ telling ourselves something like that can never happen in America!

Well, wake up people! It is already happening!! So what are you going to do about it? Nothing, right! Not a damn thing until it is too late!!


~ by devildog6771 on January 29, 2006.

2 Responses to “Sheehan is selling out America and we are allowing her to do it!!”

  1. Leanne, I couldn’t have said it all any better! I totally agree with your assessment of Sheehan. She seems to have gone into hiding lately. But, I am sure she’ll crawl out of her hole again in the very near future. She won’t pass up the chance to hit the limelight during “election” time!

  2. Have been reading about this Sheehan creature for the last few years. She’s one sick, hateful person. Her son would cringe with embarrassment. This thing should be imprisoned. She’s nothing but a laughing stock. Don’t worry that she’s making Americans look bad. We know americans are nothing like her and we know that you are overall a very patriotic people who would defend their country as WELL as defend others countries for them as has been done time and time again. We know sheehan is speaking through her butt. Even though I’m not American, I positively fume with anger at the rubbish she comes out with. How dare she! She’s a disgrace a fake and a money grubber. She should be stripped of her right to be an American citizen and sent over to live in Iraq. Does she seriously think these terrorist scumbags, ‘freedom fighters’ as this sick woman calls them, wouldn’t snatch her off the street and slowly saw her head off first chance they get?
    I feel bad for her son. He would have spoken out against her and publicly stated his shame in being related to her just as the rest of her family has.

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