Fox News Service Reports number one threat to America is Communism in our backyard!!

There is truth here. Chavez in Venezuela, Mexico, and Cuba were all involved in the World Social Forum. Chavez sponsored the forum. But the three Fox commentators debating the issue are very naive in my opinion. One didn’t consider Communism a threat. The other two appeared to lean toward these threats being a magnet for al Qaida.

WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! The Communists are already here. They are already trying to take over our country. They have already taken over the Democratic Party. If they fail to get their candidate on the next ticket in the party, they are already geared up for the Shadow Party to take over, pushing out the Democrats.

ANSWER runs the peace movement along with Code Pink, ACORN, and MoveOn,org, and the Seven Sisters[527’s], and the Progressive Caucus are doing a damn good job of weaving their Marxist/Socialist ideology in the right places.

Then you have people like Cindy Sheehan that are high profile emotional magnets and Harry Belafonte to grab the black vote. The socialist movement has infiltrated the labor unions, all the major minority caucuses and organization, the NAACP, NOW, and NEA. They are grabbing all the groups that were poorly organised before but during an election year can swing an election.

One last comment. The Fox staff said Chavez was elected in a Democratic process. Yes, he was. But, they neglected to say he is very smart in that he gives huge portions of the profit he makes from oil sales to the people in social programs. He has appealed to their basic instincts of survival. He is using Maslov’s hierarchy to control the poorest elements of his society. But does that make them free?

The less these people have to struggle the more they are going to start educating themselves, the less they will be fooled.

That’s my opinion for what it’s worth!!


~ by devildog6771 on January 28, 2006.

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