My response to those who don’t support “America” and “our troops!”

I may never have been in combat, but the way people felt during Vietnam affected all the military. But what was done to our troops was criminal. Those of us stateside worked side by side with these soldiers until they were discharged once they came home. Personally, I often felt helpless and at a loss how to help or deal with them.

The war alone left a terrible mark. But to not feel supported by your own country as you watched your buddies be killed or maimed, who “could” cope with that? It was years before anyone would admit that the nurses and other staff in actual combat arenas also had PTSD and other traumatic effects of the war!

Many were addicts from the morphine given to them for the pain of their injuries. But many more were using drugs because they had no other escape!

With my brother’s death and my own health issues, I was unable to speak out or try to help support the troops. I think too, that even if you weren’t in combat, depending on where you were assigned and your MOS that time affected all of us more than we realized. Mike’s death just brought it all into focus.

You see, when you know all your friends and buddies are going off to war and many won’t come back, you seldom knew they were killed. They remained faceless in a way. So as each new bunch of guys left, it was easy to believe that they were all ok. How could they not be ok? I saw them train. Watched them mature into strong, proud soldiers who could take care of themselves.

But deep inside, that part of myself that refused to lie knew otherwise. The Civil Rights movement, the hippie movement. The open drug usage, the protest marches, flag and draft card burnings, all the young men who went to Canada, that was a time of great changes socially as well as technologically.

It felt like there was nothing secure enough to latch onto because tomorrow, that too might be gone or changed, like living in quicksand. We were drowning in changes that were too many too fast.

In those days you had no one to talk to like you do now. Besides, people might think you were a coward, had no respect for your family! Family problems stayed in the family. You didn’t discuss things outside the family. Boys never cried or they were sissies. Girls were weak because, well, they were girls.

You grew up and got married. You had kids. The husband worked. He supported the family. He set the rules. Women were secretaries and clerks if they weren’t homemakers. Men had affairs because, well, it was just sex and they were men. Besides, women weren’t supposed to like sex anyway. Only lose women liked sex. You certainly never talked about it.

Drunks, abusers, pedophiles, batterers, that was all hush, hush. We never talked about those things. On the occasions you had to, cops with white shirts, thin black ties and suits came to your house and one by one talked to whoever needed to be talked to and the neighbors knew that a hush, hush was going on, but didn’t always know what it was. They just looked at you differently after that.

“The WAR.” The war [World War II] wasn’t talked about much. You had to be careful. Dad, grand dad, uncle or who ever might get upset. Or, he wasn’t like “that” before the war, whatever that was. It was like a big, deep, dark, secret. Only cowards, fags, sissies, or nuts, and some braggarts talked about the war.

It was like all the grown ups all knew something us kids didn’t know. The only time you got a peek at “it” was an occasional remark about the rationing and the food lines. You had to have a big freezer and grow and can a lot of your own food or you might run out. Of course to me it was confusing because we always seemed to have plenty of everything.

So now we have all these young, free spirited hippies talking about love and peace while they were hopped up on just about every drug imaginable. They went to places like Woodstock and Watermelon Park and held huge rock concerts. The danced in the nude, had open sex or group sex. They sang out about the war. I think most of the real hippy crowd were real pacifists. They were all desperately searching for what the rest of us couldn’t or wouldn’t discuss. It was the leaches that crawled their way up out of the sewers of discontent on their coat tails that corrupted everything the hippies stood for.

Radical groups from every nook and cranny hopped on the band wagon. Militant Blacks, the Klan, many other such groups that I can’t even remember. This was also the chance the socialists movement in this country had been waiting for. They spread their web throughout the 60’s and early 70’s. The Medina’s, Fonda’s, and Kerry’s cropped up joined the band wagon. Many of these people were highly educated people of “high social standing.” One of them was Hillary Clinton. She is at the center of some very serious problem’s right now; but, somehow manages to stay above the media’s line of fire?

If you take a close look at those people who were involved in much of the really extreme and often violent movements in the 60’s, you’ll find they have all grown-up and are at the forefront of today’s socialists and Marxist movement in America.

They are still trying to destroy our country from within. They are still trying to establish their own sick, distorted type of utopias that haven’t worked any where in the world in the past and won’t work now. If it worked so well, why is Russia bankrupt? If they truly believe that the spread between the bottom and the top ought to be evened out, why don’t they take their millions and give it all to the “bottom so that they themselves by example, can show how equalizing the gap can work? They hang on religiously to the very thing they hate and speak out about the most, capitalistic greed. Money!

Well I have a response to these people. Remember the response a Marine Gunny gave to the insurgents who failed to blow him up:

Well, here’s my message to those extremists right here in America that want to do the same thing here! Here’s my message to those of you who don’t support our troops. And here’s my message to all those media cowards that censor our news and think we won’t seek the truth on our own:
jihad_this[Courtesy of Razor Sharp Claws]

~ by devildog6771 on January 27, 2006.

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