A comment I felt ought to be shared.

I wrote a post the other day, “Please help Eddie…Pass it on!!” after A Mom in America brought to my attention that Sgt Eddie Ryan was in dire need of help before he could leave his hospital bed for good and go home. I found a post there this morning that I found very moving. I am posting those comments because I felt what he had to say ought to be shared:

“I just wanted to say, I think your sight is out standing ,simply all American. First I want to say thank you to all the brave men and women who gave all for American.To keith and carolyn Maupin ,my second father and mother .I will not ,as God is my witness,Leave Matt behind .I will go back at all cost and bring him home.I have lived a good life ,If he calls me (GOD),Then i am ready.But i promise i will do every thing he will allow me to do .To bring joy back into your life.You know why i say this ,You know i mean it .The truth be known ,all our elected assholes ,reaping money from tax payers ,do not care any thing about our sons daughters ,brothers ,dads or moms,Just as long as they get free And i do mean Free health care ,Not like the system our familys have to tread throught red tap to pay off.Our fore fathers are turning in their grave right now and iam sure the four corners of the earth are trembling.
So all you asshole elected bastards ,keep your mouth shut and stay out of the war business.Unless you want to go help our soldiers fill your pockets.Matt is still there mr,Biden.You shut the F**k up ,or we might find a strong rope to cure that problem.You are nothing but a treator.Follow our commander and cheif and shut your mouth.This is our war and we are going to win it .Them killing ,murdering son of a bitches hate the united states ,so lets take the war to them ,and finish it. I will not let my fellow soldiers and salors /airforce/marines die in vaine. Iam 724 and iam not done yet.The fat lady hasn;t sung ,and we still have alot of un answered questions .They better be right to.
And for all you ,stupid dumb asses who think the terrorist should have R and R /not be questioned.Or slightly torchered.Y in the hell did you look up at the sky on 9_11 ? Go to hell you stupid Bastards.Iam going to continue to fight for GOD /Country and Freedom and American.
michael | 01.27.06 – 2:45 am”

Michael, I assume from some things you said that you are a soldier. Thank you for your service. Thank you for your very emotional and heartfelt response. You and many thousands other soldiers, men and women, are what this blog is about. God Bless you. Rest assured that there are many others who will mot forget Matt Maupin.


~ by devildog6771 on January 27, 2006.

2 Responses to “A comment I felt ought to be shared.”

  1. Thank you colton. Ie was a very emotional response. I could feel his pain over the fact his friend is still missing. The last info I could find on Matt said they are still trying to find him. He and Scott Speichter both are high priority over there. The troops are determined that “none” will be lift behind!!

  2. I agree with everything you said. I, like the man above, assume you are, or were, once a soldeir. thanks for everything.

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