Gov. Kaine speaks with a forked tongue.

“Once More Into the Breach” seems to have caught new Governor Kaine of Virginia speaking with a “forked tongue, or at least out of the side of his mouth. Virginia is one of only a handful of “commonwealths.” She seems to often do things that indicate her lawmakers have some special privileges not afforded other states. As Xyba so correctly states, a while back Virginia got the lottery. The money was supposed to go toward education. It took years to track down it went to the State General fund to be divvied out from there. Anyone from Virginia knows how that goes. Well it seems the esteemed governor is trying to side step a campaign promise and a similar scam of the public is about to occur. Go over to his blog and read his post. I linked it up top. I often wonder if Virginia will stay the “Good old Boys” state forever?

Thanks to Basil’s Blog for the tip.


~ by devildog6771 on January 23, 2006.

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