A truce from Osama?

Fox news has reported that Al Jazeera has aired a new “audio tape” by Osama bin Laden in which he offers a truce in Afghanistan and Iraq. He also issued a warning to America that attacks are imminent but require preparations. He implied that in America we can expect to see some of what has been going on in Iraq and Afghanistan. If he promises to rebuild Iraqi and Afghanistan he just may sway Iran to get further involved. He may also gain support of those factions in Iraq dissatisfied with the elections.

So what does everyone focus on, the truce. Well, he hasn’t offered America a truce. He has offered the countries of Iraq and Afghanistan a truce saying there “is no shame in this” offer. Very smart move on his part. We kill four [4] of his top operatives in Pakistan. Zarqawi has gone on the rampage killing Muslims. Throughout the internet this past week I have detected a possible split between Zarqawi and bin Laden’s factions over the death of Muslims in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

I think he is trying to unite “all” Muslims in his war on America and in his global jihad for establishing a Caliphate in the region and ultimately control the world. Anyone who allows themselves to under estimate this man is a fool. Bin Laden is a master at using our own weaknesses against us. The failure of the American MSM to accurately cover the war and the partisan efforts of the Democrats and few Republicans to force Bush to fail through political maneuvering will be a deciding factor in America on success or failure of bin Laden’s latest plans.

I fully expect him to make attacks in America. I am sure he will use our own split in the country and the failure of our leaders to implement the safe guards needed in America because of selfish special interests efforts in Congress to sway the American public opinion and make Americans further deviated and demand we leave Iraq and Afghanistan so he can succeed in his global jihad. I think his tactics at this point in time “is not” a display of weakness. I think it is a damned smart move on his part.

The socialist movement behind the peace marches have carefully hidden their involvement from the public. Their efforts in Congress through the members of the Progressive Caucus and the Shadow Party of 527’s have held up every major bill and appointment needed to properly make our country safe. Their latest efforts to further cripple this administration by their ridiculous outcries over the monitoring of the internet and other methods of communications of the terrorists outside America and in America have led to an increase in the number of untraceable phone cards purchased lately. The Times has created a very serious and dangerous security breach.

We have allowed ourselves to become complacent. We have forgotten the unity of the 9/11 aftermath. We have foolishly as a nation failed to insist that our leaders get off their bickering behinds and do their damn jobs! If we are not careful, we may be in for some very real terrorists attacks in this country.

I think there ought to be full investigations into the leak. There ought to be prosecutions of those responsible. The Progressive Caucus, ANSWER, Code Pink, and all the other Socialists backed groups, 527’s, and caucuses that have crippled our ability to safe guard our country ought to investigated. All Congressional representatives involved in these activities ought to be impeached, or recalled to their home state and special elections ought to be held to replace them all, every damn one of them! If Al Qaida succeeds in attacking us at home, they ought to be charged with treason.

We must never negotiate with terrorists.


~ by devildog6771 on January 19, 2006.

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