The Renegades are heading home!

The 1st contingent of the “Renegades of the 26th Quartermaster Company” left Bagram Airfield for home on Friday. Hop on over to Firepower’s blog, Firepower Forward, and offer him your best wishes.

But first, this might be a nice time to reread some of his posts. It is really interesting to see the development of events unfold over the course of a soldier’s tour. Let’s take a quick peak at some of Firepower 6’s past posts since he started his blog:

On December 20,2003, Firepower 5 wrote his first entry about the origin of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”

“Five golden rings” is symbolic of the first 5 books of the bible; the Pentateuch or what the Jewish faith calls the Torah….Our belief system should be an active exercise in faith though, so whether or not this is the actual origin of the “12 Days of Christmas” Let me share with you what five rings means to me this Christmas season…

On Tuesday, June 22, 2004, he wrote, “Great things are seldom achieved by inaction.”:

While it certainly would have been easier to lob a few cruise missiles into terrorist training camps and congratulate ourselves for our decisive response to terrorist attacks on our homeland, we would have been able to sit safe in our homes, at least for a while, not risk American soldiers overseas, and continue to enjoy the same warm hospitable relations we always did with France, Germany, the United Nations, and the Muslim world that we always did; for whatever that is worth. It is precisely that type of detached response coupled with our demonstrated tendency to cut and run when American blood is shed that crippled our credibility long before 9/11. We are reaping the fruits of what an isolationist mentality has sown and this is the beginning of a long, hard road back to credibility.

On Friday, November 12, 2004 “Back to the Real World:”

I remember growing up in the army and listening to the stories of all the guys that had come from our heavy units in Germany and their training exercises in Graf. I always had this mental image of some cold, desolate, God-forsaken place where it always rained and snowed. Turns out I had that one spot-on.

On Sunday, June 26, 2005, “Feast or Famine:”

I am more concerned with the 5 troops that get MEDEVACed from the field for heat exhaustion than I am with the 76 turban-wearing zealots who got an up close look at Raytheon’s newest version of improved conventional munitions. I’m more concerned with the Afghan mine clearing technician who was unable to defeat the booby-trap on the anti-tank landmine, than the 56 “suspected insurgents” who are currently finding that in spite of all the reports of abuses, their standard of living increased by about half a millennium once they relocated to a US detention facility.

On Friday, September 09, 2005, “God Bless the State of Texas:” I rounded the corner, to leave the terminal, I was greeted by a throng of cheering supporters. There was easily more than 100 people cheering and waving flags, reaching out to shake our hands and welcome us home. By the time I reached the terminal doors, I had bags of brownies, posters from the Dallas Mavericks Cheerleaders, bottles of cold water, and tears in my eyes.

On Friday, November 18, 2005, “For a Day of Thanks:”

While I am extremely thankful for the well wishes and prayers of all who wander through this site which I truly believe have kept us safe this far as well as the rest of the way home, for all the heartfelt sentiments, none of which included pity for the hardships of our chosen profession, I can not express enough gratitude.

On Tuesday, December 20, 2005, “A Long Year and a Long December:”

How then do we weigh these blessings against the magnitude of heartache, loneliness, and sorrow of being separated from family, or can we? I think now, that even though they all must be taken as pieces that create the whole, one cannot be weighed against the other. They are of different genres and should not even be competing on the same field for my emotions. While we have to accept all the challenges that life brings us, they are only things to be endured, things which add contrast and texture to the moments we cherish in life.

Events in Afghanistan unfolded so quickly, relatively speaking, that often what is going on there is over shadowed by Iraq. We still have troops actively fighting and, sadly, dying in Afghanistan. Conditions there have in many respects improved dramatically. However, the terrorists are beginning to attempt reorganization. They are also trying to implement the tactics being used in Iraq.

Fed a steady diet of encouragement by the media, the terrorists in both Iraq and Afghanistan are empowered and new recruits are encouraged to join their forces. But the fight against terrorism is not just going on in these two countries. We must not forget that this is in fact a global war effort on their part. Thank God our armed forces and those other Coalition forces are doing the great job they have been doing or God knows where we would all be right now.

We must be stead fast in our support of the troops. We must not let our determination to win the war on terror falter. We must not be deceived by poor media coverage and politics into a false sense of security. We must not assume that we are no longer in threat of another 9/11 type event here at home. We do not need to be paranoid; but, we do need to be informed and vigilant. But above all else we must make sure the sacrifices of our men and women in the Armed forces has not been in vain. That those who made the ultimate sacrifice did not die in vain too.

We must never forget to honor their memory by doing our part. We cannot go back to being a nation of sheep. Nor can we go back to being the isolationists nation we were before 9/11. We cannot go back to being the nation known for never following through when the going gets tough! Do not be pulled off course by comparisons to that other war so many years ago. Vietnam never attacked America. Nor did she declare war on our Nation or promise to kill our people anywhere in the four corners of the globe.

~ by devildog6771 on January 15, 2006.

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