In Tallmansville, WVa, thirteen [13] miners are trapped in a coal mine after an explosion in the mine. The mine had been closed for several days due to the holiday. As part of the normal procedure, before miners were allowed to re-enter the mine on the day of the explosion, the foreman went into the mine first and conducted a safety inspection. The inspection appeared to indicate the mine was safe. However, shortly after mining crews entered the mine and began to start up the equipment, an explosion occurred, trapping the [13] miners.

Twenty-four hours later, a robot has drilled through into the mine. Rescuers can now begin looking for the trapped miners. However, presently, a methane gas level three [3] times above the acceptable level was registered. There is also an unacceptable carbon monoxide level. Depending on where the miners are trapped, the carbon monoxide level now registering is not encouraging. It is hoped that the miners might be trapped in a pocket where debris has blocked the poisonous gas. Sadly, at this point, most of this is also speculative. Things look very bad for those miners right now!

It is believed that there was an explosion of methane gas set off by lightening. But at this point that is unconfirmed. Please pray for the safe recovery of the coal miners! Please add their families to your prayers.


One miner was found dead. The remaining 12 miners were found alive! There was no word about how long it will take to rescue the surviving 12 miners. Looks like prating has helped. Please keep it up!


~ by devildog6771 on January 3, 2006.

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