Holidays seem to bring out the vermin!

Lately there has been a massive influx of illegal aliens in my area. Going to do laundry is a chore. The laundromat stays so full of aliens, I almost wonder if one day soon an appointment will be required to do laundry. So I often put off doing laundry as long as I can when I know I have to go. Twice in the past couple months I have also encountered violent situations at the laundromat.

On one occasion, a couple “crack heads” got mad because I had all the dryers in use. I finally called the police after the two young men repeatedly got up in my face and called me names not appropriate here. I warned them twice. But after I finally determined that crack was the motivating factor, I knew I needed to call the police. In the other occasion a drunk alien came into the laundry and stabbed another alien. The victim didn’t even know the guy who stabbed him!

So where is all this going you say? Who gives a rats ass about my laundry problems. Tonight I went to an old standby laundromat. After I put my clothes in the washer, I went to a nearby store a couple stores down to pick up a few things I needed at home. As I was finishing up, I remembered one more thing I needed so I went back to get it.

As I approached the register at the front of the store the manager and store clerks were going around telling people we were locked in the store for a while. Someone had just robbed 3 or 4 people at gun point as they left various stores. There was a young man telling everyone about being robbed. He was waiting for the police to arrive.

On the way home, I started going over the events and remembered another time I actually drove into the middle of a robbery get-away and just escaped being taken hostage. I felt sorry for the man who had been robbed. Then it occurred to me that when the cops came he didn’t go talk to them. Also, he said he was robbed as he left a store on the other side of the small shopping center. So why was he way over here. Why didn’t he go back into the store and call the police.

When I got home I called the police. I told them, I was probably just over excited by the events but it just didn’t make sense the way the man acted if he was the victim. The police agreed I might be correct. Can you imagine that. Locked in a store to protect me and the other customers from a robber with a gun and the robber may very well have been hiding there “safely” with us! Such irony. Such gall. If I’m right, that was pretty darn smart.


~ by devildog6771 on December 30, 2005.

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