I just got tagged!

Wow. I just got tagged by V’s Blog: Tagged. I have to give quirkyMeme: 5 quirky things about me?

Well this won’t be hard for me to do like the last tag. So here goes:

1.] I love to mix my meat and vegetables up in my mashed potatoes. It taste so good!

2.] I like my gits put on top of my eggs. This causes problems at restaurants where the cook takes pride in the finished product.

3.] I can’t stand dish towel fuzz. So I wipe off my plate or rinse my glass before using either. This can be a problem at someones house. Lol, I have to be so discreet and quick.

4.] I will not sit in a public place with my back to the door. As soon as I enter such places I also immediately look subtly for another egress route.

5.] I like Mayo on my green beans and french fries.

Now, who can I tag. HHmm!how about :

  • American Citizen Soldier
  • DadManly
  • MilBlogging.com
  • Right Wing Sparkle
  • Liberating Iraq
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    ~ by devildog6771 on December 25, 2005.

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