Jihad Sheehan

Doesn’t this woman have any shame or common sense. Over two thousand American troops have lost their lives in OIF and OEF. Only Cindy Sheehan acts like a “fool” running all over the world spewing her messages of hate. Doesn’t this woman realize she is aiding and abetting our enemy?

She very much reminds me of another one at another time. Maybe the two will meet, fall in love, and the rest of the country will live in the blissful knowledge we never have to look at either one again!! [I wish!]



~ by devildog6771 on December 17, 2005.

6 Responses to “Jihad Sheehan”

  1. You nay be right. Have you ever been to one of her speeches? I have!

  2. And even if she did say something racist? Does she matter? Probably not much. . . . I think the reactions that she is getting from the public only embolden her. If we kinda just shrugged and said, “Fine! Who cares…” I think that the media would have covered her for 1 day and that would be that….

  3. I wonder how relevant she is…probably not much. Some people are saying that she dishonors her son’s memory. Maybe.

    But isn’t it also possible that she is involved in an exercise of free expression that her son made possible? Isn’t what she is doing – however foolish – a good thing in the sense that without the sacrifice of her son and brave American soldiers, she would not have the freedom to make a fool out of herself?

    I think she is just grieving. Maybe this gives her some purpose. Whether she is aiding the enemy, I question it. I find that Muslim militants would not want the aid of a woman. . . . so I question the premise.

    What kind of hatemongering are you talking about? She hasn’t said anything racist? Has she?

    Iranian Ajax

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  5. Thank you for the link!

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