Iraqis vote in record number all across the country

KIRKUK, Iraq (Dec. 15, 2005) — An Iraqi woman holds up her index finger, stained purple from voting in the National Elections today. The elections mark one more step toward Iraq’s freedom. Photo By Spc. Anna-Marie Risner

I have been watching the Fox News Network coverage of the election in Iraq today. I can’t believe my ears. There was no negative reporting. The coverage could not have been more positive as they covered the election results. So far the network’s estimate, based on reports from Iraq, put the turn out at about 73% of Iraqis voted. There were only about 14 minor terrorists incidents. Sunni participation was very high.

Defense of the polling stations was handled by the Iraqi Security Forces. American forces and coalition forces were there in the background to offer any needed additional support. That never happened. Iraqi Security forces did a great job. The American commanders had nothing but the highest praise for the Iraqi Security Forces and how they handled the election security.

A local Iraqi man shows his inked finger after voting in Hayji, Iraq, during Operation Iraqi Freedom Dec. 15, 2005. Today the Iraqi citizens will vote to elect the first free, permanent parliamentary government that will lead this new democracy for the next four years. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Andy Dunaway)

This is what Centcom had to say:

“December 15, 2005
Release Number: 05-12-39


BAGHDAD, Iraq – With tight rings of security circling the city, Iraqi citizens took to the streets the morning of Dec. 15 to vote for the first full-term government since the fall of Saddam Hussein.

Iraqi Police are providing close-in protection at polling stations; Iraqi public Order Battalions and Iraqi Army Soldiers are providing the next level of protection; and more Iraqi Soldiers and Coalition Forces are in a third ring of troops. They will also provide a quick-reaction force if needed.

Shortly after polling sites opened in Baghdad, a rocket landed in the International Zone, damaging a vehicle and injuring one Marine and two civilian contractors. The wounded were treated at the site for minor injuries and released.

Polling stations throughout south Baghdad reported a constant flow of voters.

Early reports indicated voter turnout is higher than the numbers seen on for the Constitutional Referendum vote on Oct. 15.”

To all those people who have followed and supported our troops in Iraq, this is no surprise. We have known all along how great a job our troops and the coalition forces have been doing in Iraq. There is no greater confirmation than the days election results in Iraq. To all our troops and the coalition forces I say, “Job well done soldier!”

To all those “johnny come latelies” who now want to jump on the band wagon, better late than never I suppose. But don’t expect any hoopla. You are fair weather friends and can’t be counted on when the going gets tough.

To the Iraqi Security forces I say, HOOAH!!

To the Iraqi people, what can I say, you people said it all yourself this day in history. Your courage and determination is inspiring!!


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