Smash issues “A Call to Arms!”

It would appear that MoveOn.Org will not be satisfied until they completely bring our country to its knees no matter how that feat is accomplished.

They milked the CIA spy leak for all it was worth. They made a rather pathetic effort to block the Supreme Court Chief Justice nomination. Now they are back to Iraq and our troops. The Republicans forced the Democrats to take a stand one way or the other when they forced a proposal to bring all the troops home now to a vote. The proposal was defeated by an overwhelming margin with both parties voting against withdrawal.

Instead of doing the right thing and giving our troops and the administration the support they deserve, we now have to watch the Shadow Party further endanger our troops and National Security. has organized a campaign to all our elected officials to push for withdrawal. According to Smash:

“THE ENEMY is circulating a petition, urging the Congress to withdraw our troops from Iraq. They plan to deliver copies of this petition to Congressional offices across the nation next Wednesday, December 14. In the meantime, their legions are calling, writing, faxing, and lobbying their Congressional Representatives, and pressuring them to release a statement on the same day endorsing the Cut & Run Plan.

December 14 is D-day. We have less than one week to prepare.”

Go over to Smash’s blog and read the whole story. Then get involved in his counter campaign to stop This is serious. I agree with Smash that this effort has the potential to make or break our country.


~ by devildog6771 on December 10, 2005.

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