Some 2005 Weblog Awards Finalists

Gosh! I just went to the 2005 Weblog Award site to cast my vote and I see that there are several of our friends listed as finalists in many catagories. Rather than post about them one at a time, here are the finalists in a couple catagories I found interesting.

Best Military Blogger:

1.] 365 and a Wakeup
2.] A Soldier’s Perspective
3.] Blackfive
4.] Dude, Where’s the Beach?
5.] Intel Dump
6.] Major K
7.] The Cabarfeidh Pages
8.] The Officer’s Club
9.] Andi’s World
10.] Froggy Ruminations
11.] Counter Column
12.] Argghhh!
13.] One Marine’s View
14.] Euphoric Reality
15.] Sgt. Hook

Best Media/Journalist Blog

1.] Poynter Online
2.] Michael Yon
3.] Kevin Sites
4.] Opinion Journal (Best Of The Web with James Taranto)
5.] Pundit Review
6.] Nashville is Talking
7.] BuzzMachine
8.] James Wolcott
9.] Mickey Kaus
10.] The Bleat (James Lileks)
11.] Oh, That Liberal Media
12.] The Conspiracy to Keep you Poor and Stupid Donald Luskin
13.] Amy Langfield
14.] Steyn Online
15.] The Raw Story

Wow, I am so awed. I don’t recognize most of these. But I do know quite a few. Any way, go through them and check out their sites if you haven’t already chosen one and then cast your vote.

Just make sure you at least cast a vote


~ by devildog6771 on December 9, 2005.

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