Vote for “Mickie!”

Couldn’t help that little play on words. It seems that Michael Yon is our man of the hour and it couldn’t happen to a finer individual. Micheal is a finalist in the “2005 Weblog Awards.” He was nominated in the “Media Journalists” category. Several of his dispatches and his pictures were number one [1] on the net when he posted them.

Personally, I think Michael ought to be awarded the Pulitzer Prize for his picture, “Little Girl.” When that picture of Major Mark Bieger holding a mortally injured little Iraqi girl as he rushed her to medical care came out, the whole world was moved by the ray emotion and love of a soldier for an injured child. The child and others were injured by a suicide bomber who deliberately attacked our troops as they were surrounded by a bunch of children.

Sadly, the little girl died from her injuries. I believe this incident and the subsequent picture did a lot to regain the trust and cooperation of the Iraqi people in Mosul for our troops.

Please vote for Micheal. You are allowed one vote every twenty-four hours in a category until December 15, 2005. All you have to do is click vote! However you will need one of the free versions of Macromedia Flash to vote. There is a link at the 2005 Weblog Award site.


~ by devildog6771 on December 8, 2005.

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