Remebering our “only” POW/MIA [??]

In June I wrote the following post:
“Dear Senator Biden,You said there were 139,000 reasons to leave Iraq. Here are 2,053 reasons why we need to stay the course.” I then proceeded to name the 2053 Americans who had given their lives at that time as reasons why we should not abandon Iraq.

I just received an email from Keith Maupin, Matt’s father:
I was surfing the net looking for Matt Maupin. I found your website and thought it was interesting. Some of the messages that you post are good. Especially when some idiot talks about pulling the troops out in a timely manner. Can’t be done and as I recall President Bush said it won’t happen over night and we will be there a while. I agree with him. I do not like a war but sometimes you have to fight to have peace.
I don’t want to bore you but as you posted there are 2053 reasons we should not pull out. I can tell you of one in particular that would be the reason that we shouldn’t pull out. We still have a missing soldier in Iraq. Sgt. Keith Matthew Maupin was captured on 4 April 2004 when his convoy was attacked by 2 to 3 hundred insurgents. The following week there was a video released where he stated his name and unit. They said they were holding him as a hostage.
Matt is my son and I would ask you to mention him on your web page and count him as 2054 reasons we shouldn’t leave Iraq.

Till they all come home,

Keith Maupin

I know our website is not the caliber of yours but we try.
Sgt. Keith Matthew “Matt” Maupin
Captured 9Apr04″

First let me say I was honored to receive Keith’s email. Second, my name may be on this blog as the administrator and as the one who does most of the talking but this site belongs to our troops, “all of them.” It was to honor our troops and my nephew’s memory that I made this blog. I welcome any comments from our troopos, their families, or their loved ones!! I only wish I were able to do more. Lastly, Sir, I have been to your site. Make no apologies for all you do there!

Since I wrote that post, the American death toll as of 12/7/05 is now 2,130 Americans killed in action and one Australian, 98 Britons, 13 Bulgarians, two Danes, two Dutch, two Estonians, one Hungarian, 26 Italians, one Kazakh, one Latvian, 17 Poles, one Salvadoran, three Slovaks, 11 Spaniards, two Thai and 18 Ukrainians for an additional total of 197 other coalition forces. That’s a total of 2,327 coalition forces killed in action according to CNN’s War Tracker.

I do not know how many total coalition troops are Missing in Action. But America has one soldier who is Missing in Action. That soldier is Sgt. Keith Matthew “Matt” Maupin. Matt is reason number 2,328 to stay the course in Iraq! I agree with Keith’s email. I didn’t include Keith before because I refuse to consider him as KIA. I am only sorry I did not think of a way sooner to word my reply to Mr. Biden or any other Americans or our elected officials to include Matt as one of our reasons to stay the course in Iraq. For that I deeply apologize to the Maupin family and Matt.

I have, however written some things here about Matt and at one of my other blogs that I made up to honor our MIA’S on different occasions. I felt it would be very appropriate to include some of those below. I have also linked back to my MIA Blog. I really would like to have more people post there to offer support to those families who suffer, in my opinion, a pain far worse than death of a loved one, the unknown well being of their loved one. These families, loved ones, and friends of those soldiers MIA all lack a closure that is unbearable.

Their days are filled with the anxiety and pain of waiting and never knowing, asking questions but getting no answers, praying but not knowing if God hears them. They are truly endowed with great faith that is unwavering. Their courage is an example of total , unconditional love.

Please offer your prayers and support to Keith and his family. If you know any families of our past conflicts who have a loved one who is MIA, please go to them, offer them your support. Write about them and their “isolated” journeys. Keep their loved ones name alive. Don’t let them suffer alone. Don’t let them think their country has forgotten them and their loved one. Pray for them. Write your elected officials. Keith included his URL in his email. Go to his site and see how you can help! Let them know that this time, we will leave no one behind!

Speak up daily on your blogs or web sites. Write your elected officials. Make sure that this time we also stay the course. The only similarities between this war and Vietnam are the actions of the fascists elements in our country, the actions of those elected officials who care more about their own self serving interests than those of our country, and the failure of the majority of Americans to speak out as vocally as these two minority groups for what ever reason!! Do not remain complacent.

Just like we never believed a “9/11” could ever happen in our country proper, many Americans do not regard the fascists elements and our irresponsible or incompetent elected officials as a threat. I beg to differ. Do some research and reading on your own. Like me, I am sure you will find, that the enemy within is far more dangerous than the enemy outside our country. But I will post more about that shortly as I haven’t quite finished my research.

So take a moment and read the posts included below. Then, let the Maupins know we care. SPREAD THE WORD! Don’t let Matt be forgotten! `

Sgt. Matt Maupin

Sgt. Matt Maupin has been missing since April 9, 2004. On that date his convoy was attacked by insurgents near the Baghdad Airport. Three contractors were killed and a fellow soldier’s remains were found shortly afterwards.

Never Forget

On April 16, 2004 Al Jazeera showed a video tape from the insurgents showing Matt was a prisoner. On June 28, Al Jazeera received a video tape that was supposed to be the execution of Matt Maupin. But, intelligence sources cannot verify that fact.

Maupin was the first American soldier captured after the War was declared officially over. So he can’t be officially classified as MIA or a POW. Frankly that stinks. As far as I’m concerned he’s a POW!!

He has been promoted twice since his capture. But, that is a formality. It certainly doesn’t bring peace of mind or closure to Matt’s family.

Worlds Apart

April 9, 2005 was the one year anniversary of Matt’s capture. Both his family and friends are doing everything they can to make sure no one forgets Matt. The Military has sent someone to the family’s home to assist them. But, as far as finding Matt, nothing has led them to him.


We must not forget Matt Maupin. We must remember him. We have promised our troops that this time all of them will be accounted for instead of leaving some of our troops unaccounted for like after Vietnam!

A message from Keith Maupin

I sent an email to the Maupin family for Veterans Day to let them know Matt is still very much on our minds. I was very surprised to get back a response as I know they must be swamped with well wishes from people all over America. I’d like to share his response.

“We appreciate the thoughts and prayers for Matt and all the troops. The other guy you mentioned, his name is Capt. Scott Speicher. He was the first pilot shot down in the first gulf war. He has had his status changed twice since.
I have tried to contact the military contacts I have to get information on how the POW’s will be treated once they are found and rescued. I have gotten no response so far.
If you find out anything on the POW/MIA please keep me informed.

As far as a comment. I would like to say the everyone please keep Matt and all our troops in the thoughts and prayers. Freedom isn’t Free and some of the men and women have given the ultimate sacrifice for us here in the land of the free. They do this willingly and have decided that the freedom of Americans is a great sacrifice to make. Just don’t let them die in vain and for nothing. God Bless our troops.


Keith Maupin”

If anyone out there can help the Maupins with regards to how to find out the above info, please let them know. Their email address is on the Maupin website.

From a Friend of Matt

I have been unable to post for several days due to computer problems. Sadly that kept me from making my veterans day tribute. However I do want share with you all an email I got in the early part of last week. A buddy in Matt’s unit sent me this:

“Hi, My name is [the buddy] (SSG US Army Reserves) and I was assigned to the 724th Transportation Company and deployed to Iraq with Matt. He was in Bravo Platoon and I was in Charlie Platoon. Thank you for writing the poem. It is very touching. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of Matt, and I am fairly certain that the rest of the Company also thinks of him all the time as well. I am currently going back to school to finish my Bachelor’s degree. The class that I am in now is a Literature class and we have to present a poem of our own choice to the class. I would love to use your poem. I am requesting your permission to present it to my class and I would also like to have your name so I can give you the proper credit that you deserve.Thank you.

[the buddy]”

I sent the young man my permission and best wishes. He responded:

“[Me], Thank you for your response. Just so you will know, I also forwarded your poem to several other members of the 724th TC. The lady who takes care of the 724th TC’s web site is going to post it there too. Thanks again. [the buddy]
PS. Here is the web site:

Go visit the site for Matt’s unit. Maybe you could leave some words of encouragement for them and Matt’s family! I found a great article at CINCINNATI.COM on Matt. The article gives a complete history of Matt’s capture, the subsequent efforts to rescue him, biographical information, the efforts of Matt’s family, and coverage of the Veteran’s Day events honoring Matt.

I was very honored that this young soldier wanted to use my poem. I hope it helps keep Matt’s memory alive so he will not be forgotten. I like thousands of others pray for Matt’s safe return and for the courage of his family. Not knowing is the harshest cruelty of all. Please offer your support to Matt’s family, friends, and fellow troops!

May God bless and give peace to all those who have served. May He also lovingly embrace all those who are no longer with us! You will never be forgotten.

[For the safety and security of the soldier who wrote me, I blanked out his name.]>And here is the rest of it.


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