Russian Predictability

Few things in life are truly predictable. However, unfortunately, Russia will never be anything but predictable. Russia has agreed to sell surface-to-air missiles to Iran for “defensive purposes only” according to a story just published on Yahoo.

I am certain both the Israeli and Iraqi governments feel safer with this announcement. Israel must feel safe particularly safe after the latest comments out of Iran that Israel ought to be wiped off the face of the earth! Russia and France just can’t seem to keep from “stirring the pot” in world politics.

Both are deeply dedicated to peace when they are asked to help out in Iraq and Afghanistan? France, especially, shows this by refusing to help in the coalition fight against terror. Well, we all see what this got France. Now let’s see how the latest news from Russia plays out. Does Russia really need the money that badly?

By the way, how far is it from Iran to the Russian border or Central Asia?


~ by devildog6771 on December 5, 2005.

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