The “The Punishers’ Ball ” by Michael Yon

Michael Yonhas written another great post. This time he has written about the “last” get together of Deuce Four, one of the most decorated units in Iraq, if not the most decorated. Michael wrote about the ball held for Deuce Four after their return to the States. Deuce 4 was in Mosul, home to some of the most intense fighting in the war. Mike gave a run down of all the Silver Stars and Purple hearts awarded to the men in the unit which received the “Valorous Unit Award.” He also has some terrific pictures of the men and their wives. Go on over to Michael’s Blog and read his latest post. Find out what celebrity guest was there and how the troops feel about this “civilian!”

Sadly, not all members of Deuce 4 returned home. But their memories held a place of honor for all to see. Go on over to Michael’s blog and read his coverage of Deuce 4, the battle they fought in Mosul, and the celebratory Ball once they returned home!


~ by devildog6771 on November 20, 2005.

3 Responses to “The “The Punishers’ Ball ” by Michael Yon”

  1. Hello Creed, this is kinda weird cuz we have never met, but apparently we are cousins, according to Pat Spangle.

  2. Mike’s site is linked above at his name. If you go there I am pretty sure he has the info you need there!

  3. Michael, Hello how are you? This is MSG Creed McCaslin. I have been trying to track you down to see if I can get a copy of your book? Please advise

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