What are Iraqis saying about the War in Iraq?

I have been posting for some time now about my displeasure with the coverage of the MSM in the War on Terror, specifically, the War in Iraq. I have talked about the media bias, their failure to go after the whole story, and what I feel in my opinion, is a callous media disregard for the safety and welfare of our troops, the coalition forces, and the Iraqi people. I think the MSM hides behind the 1st Amendment, is self serving and fails to meet most of their own code of ethical journalism.So, what do the Iraqis have to say about all this? I think many will be surprised.

1.] For instance, Patrick at Liberating Iraq says:

“As Iraq gains importance, all other battlefields, including the JI southeast Asia battlefield, are less important. Another corollary is that by fighting them ‘over there’ we are indeed shaping the battlefield and preventing a fight ‘over here’. Further, as the Amman bombing demonstrate, terrorism in Muslim lands against Muslims forces the Al Qaeda terrorists into a contradiction, killing Muslims in the name of Islam. These political extremists are pushing themselves into a corner, marginalized by the Arab ‘street’, which will eventually seal their fate.”

Patrick at Liberating Iraq also says:

“There are over 100,000 American soldiers on the ground in Iraq. There has been tens of billions spent by the U.S. to bring Iraq up. Iraq has had two elections, with most of the election work done by Iraqis themselves, some paying with their lives to build democracy; yet UN officials have offered little more than dour assessments and pessimism. The UN has been critical of our actions, but has done little to help, certainly less than they could have done. In the cases where they did intervene, their actions were less-than-helpful (Brahimi’s praise of Baathists in Spring 2004 was one example).”

2.0] Mohammed at Iraq the Model in “Sistani makes a good decision…” says:

“And I’d like to remind those who persist to say that Iraq is a failed case that next month we will have witnessed three democratic carnivals within only one year, on January, October and one yet to come on December and I believe this alone is a striking proof on the accomplishments of a nation that has just emerged from the horrors of 35 years of tyranny and suppression and what adds to the value of the proofs of this success is that more of the community factions have joined the march and I want to remind you also that we’re human and we do err, one elections is not enough to state whether we’re successful or not and it is dead wrong to judge a country this way; we’re moving forward and nothing can stop the progress, this something I’m damn sure of.”

And Omar at Iraq the Model in “HAPPY EID EVERYONE!” says:

“When coalition forces raid a house used by terrorists it becomes the big news of the day and is consistently used to show Iraq as a hole of hell but when coalition forces help Iraqis build an amusement park that serves a city with population of over 500,000 so that families can spend a good time, no one talks about it…thanks to blogs!”

3.0] Sunshine, a 13 year old Iraqi girl at Days of My Life says in “The Referendum day ….”:

” Hello friends.
Today was the big day , the referendum day.. That was really good day , my mom , dad , grandpa , grandma , my grandparents who live in Baghdad all my relatives who are older then 18 went & voted, I wish I was above 18 , to vote …
I kept looking through my window seeing the women , men , girls & boys walking together.
But every one has different opinion even in my family , some agreed with the new constitution & some disagreed , today I knew what the democracy mean.”

4.0] Ahmad at Iraqi Expat in “Sick and Tired” says:

” I am getting tired of this. Especially, from sick people who don’t seem to have any self-respect or any sense of righteousness, people who praise and or defend animals like Saddam, and people who praise and or defend animals like the Baathists and Islamists who are fighting in Iraq and terrorising Iraqis to bring their fascist murderous regime back. Needless to say, that I am sick of the shameless lowlife Baathists and Islamists.”

5.0] AYS at Iraq at a Glance says in his post, “Friday, August 19, 2005”:

“The Net is a wonderful educational tool. Use it.And to the readers of Iraqi blogs, always take what you read with a grain of salt. Not everything every “free” Iraqi is saying is gospel.” and:

” I liked this comment, this is the reader who reads carefully and gets the point:“Christian’s look at life as a gift from God. As such to take your life or someone else’s is the ultimate sin. This would only ensure your soul’s damnation for eternity. Muslim extremist’s seem to see life as a unfortunate stop before their kind of paradise. How sad………..

6.0] Hammorabi at Hammorabi says in “War against terrorism:”

“It is so wrong to blame terrorism for one man or a group of people only. Terrorism requires a lot of elements. It needs people to carry out its effects, large amount of cash, armaments, equipments, logistic and brainpower support, media, and above all theoreticians among clergy men. These can not be provided by Binladen, Alzarqawi, or Alzawahri alone?There are three countries connected to three elements of terrorism especially its promulgation in Iraq. Terrorism is born and incubated in Saudi Arabia. Then adopted by Syria and exported to kill inside Iraq while kept alive by the Jordanian Islamists who act as the energy and brain providers. However these roles are overlapping between these countries”

Hammorabi also said in “The latest crime:”

“This baby as appeared raising his hand as if protesting against those who supported his killing among the dictator regimes in the region, the incubators of terrorism like the wahabim, the regional government which support the terrorists, the countries which provide access and support for the terrorists, the media which join them in their propaganda, and the Iraqis who provide safe heaven for the terrorists or support them by any way.It is shame and disgrace on all of them wherever they are.”

7.0] And Alaa at THE MESOPOTAMIAN wrote an excellant posting, “ARAB MEDIA” that I think we all should read. In an excerpt he syas:

“The answer however is very simple: Sectarian prejudice, i.e. the pathological hatred of the Shiaa sect, which is the majority in only one Arab country which is Iraq. Indeed, the only Sunnis who are inclined to be more tolerant towards the Shiaa’s are the Iraqi Sunnis, especially in cities, having lived side by side for many centuries. Thus the fury of the Arabs and other Moslems against the Americans is not because they invaded and occupied Iraq, but because as a result of this action and the fall of the Saddam regime, the Shiaas have become liberated and acquired a louder voice. This by the way is also the main factor fanning the “insurrection” and terrorism in Iraq, a fact which is publicly proclaimed by people like Zarqawi. Thus the development of representative democracy with the Iraqi Sunnis taking their rightful place is the real antidote to these stupid prejudices. This is the hope of all patriotic Iraqis of all sects and the final happy outcome that we are all praying and working for.”

These are but a few of the many “hundreds” of Blogs out of Iraq. There are many that sup[port the coalition efforts and the Iraqi move toward Democracy. There are some that do not. On a quick look, most appear supportive. However, I prefer to keep this a positive post so I didn’t include the negative ones. We get a steady diet of the negative stuff every day.

I was extremely interested in the comments I posted here by AYS at “Iraq at a Glance”, Hammorabi at “Hammorabi”, and last, but to me most thought provoking and informative, Alaa at “THE MESOPOTAMIAN.” These three bloggers have given me a new insight into the situation in Iraq, the Middle East, and the War on Terror. I have spent much of my free time in the last 2+ years reading and studying the history of the region from as many sources as I could find in hopes of getting an accurate understanding of the region as possible. The story is a complicated one intertwined with the history of many of the major European countries and the United States on a lesser scale. But that is food for another post at another time.

I encourage you to read these blogs. But use them also as stepping stones to other Iraqi Blogs. Don’t just read the ones that agree with our efforts or views. It is only through understanding of differences that people can reach true consensus.


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