Matt Maupin Remembered

I have been unable to post for several days due to computer problems. Sadly that kept me from making my veterans day tribute. However I do want share with you all an email I got in the early part of last week. A buddy in Matt’s unit sent me this:

“Hi, My name is [the buddy] (SSG US Army Reserves) and I was assigned to the 724th Transportation Company and deployed to Iraq with Matt. He was in Bravo Platoon and I was in Charlie Platoon. Thank you for writting the poem. It is very touching. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of Matt, and I am fairly certain that the rest of the Company also thinks of him all the time as well. I am currently going back to school to finish my Bachelor’s degree. The class that I am in now is a Literature class and we have to present a poem of our own choice to the class. I would love to use your poem. I am requesting your permission to present it to my class and I would also like to have your name so I can give you the proper credit that you deserve.Thank you.

[the buddy]”

I sent the young man my permission and best wishes. He responded:

“[Me], Thank you for your response. Just so you will know, I also forwarded your poem to several other members of the 724th TC. The lady who takes care of the 724th TC’s web site is going to post it there too. Thanks again. [the buddy]
PS. Here is the web site:

Go visit the site for Matt’s unit. Maybe you could leave some words of encouragement for them and Matt’s family! I found a great article at CINCINNATI.COM on Matt. The article gives a complete history of Matt’s capture, the subsequent efforts to rescue him, biographical information, the efforts of Matt’s family, and coverage of the Veteran’s Day events honoring Matt.

I was very honored that this young soldier wanted to use my poem. I hope it helps keep Matt’s memory alive so he will not be forgotten. I like thousands of others pray for Matt’s safe return and for the courage of his family. Not knowing is the harshest cruelty of all. Please offer your support to Matt’s family, friends, and fellow troops!

May God bless and give peace to all those who have served. May He also lovingly embrace all those who are no longer with us! You will never be forgotten.

[For the safety and security of the soldier who wrote me, I blanked out his name.]
edited to fix an error in format


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